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How to Prepare Your Nursery for Your First Child

With all the information available to new parents nowadays, you may feel fully prepared when your little one arrives. However, you won’t truly understand what raising a newborn is like until you gain some first-hand experience. One important thing you need to prepare, though, is creating a nursery that nurtures your first child and creates a positive environment for them to learn and grow in. It’s also important to have a well-planned out nursery so you and your partner can easily change and attend to your newborn in the middle of the night.

Below, we’ll go over how to prepare your nursery for your first child, so you have a happy place where everyone can relax, smile, and grow.

Buy a Crib

The crib is the epicenter of the nursery. With this said, you need a baby crib that is comfortable, so your baby can get some much-needed shut-eye throughout the day and night. After all, newborns require 14 and 17 hours of sleep per day, so it’s worth splurging on a quality crib that will ensure they catch enough Zzz’s. It’s also important to get a comfortable crib because sleep plays a vital role in the cognitive, physical, and emotional development of newborns and infants.

Get Comfortable Bedding

Once you have your baby’s crib picked out, it’s time to get some soft and cozy bedding. Luxury baby blankets are worth the investment, as they are built with babies in mind and ensure their sensitive skin doesn’t get irritated. Bedding is also the perfect opportunity for you to show off your style and create a theme for your nursery. Attempting a clean and crisp look for your nursery? Buy soft-hued neutral bedding and base the rest of your nursery off of those colors. Or, are you looking to create a fun theme? You can’t go wrong with bedding stitched with animals, shapes, and other figures with fun colors.

Invest in a Changing Table

The next line of business is investing in a changing table. There’s a lot more to changing tables than meets the eye. When it comes to changing tables, you need one that has ample storage space and enough space for your baby, diapers, clothes, wipes, and other materials to be easily accessible while changing. You’ll also want to make sure you have a few toys to lay along your changing table to keep your little one preoccupied while you clean and clothe them.

Purchase a Nursery Chair

The last essential piece of furniture you’re going to need for your nursery is a nursery chair. A comfortable rocking chair will allow you to rock your baby to sleep when they wake up in the middle of the night, read stories to them before nap time, and breastfeed with your nursing pillow.

Add a Fresh Layer of Paint

Once all of the furniture is squared away, you’ll be able to get to the fun part: designing your nursery. This is where you’ll be able to add a touch of your style and personality to a room you’re going to spend copious amounts of time in. When it comes to painting your nursery, err on the side of brighter, earthy, soft-hued tones. Here are some tips about most colors:

  • Red is bold and exciting, which is why it should be used in moderation or as an accent wall to prevent volatile personality traits from emerging.
  • Orange is an earthy tone and has an extremely calming effect, which is an excellent choice for a nursery.
  • Yellow is another natural color, but it can be too bright for a nursery, so make sure you choose a soft and light yellow.
  • Green is an extremely nurturing color that promotes calmness because it’s very prevalent in nature, so you can’t go wrong with a green nursery.
  • Blue is also calming, but you have to be cautious. You don’t want a blue that is too dark, such as navy, or a grayish-blue that promotes sadness. Instead, use a bright or warm blue to produce a soothing effect.
  • Purple is an unnatural color, as it is rarely found in nature. However, a pastel purple, such as lavender, is soothing and gentle, which makes a great choice for a nursery.
  • Pink is the universal color for girls, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use it for your little boy’s room either. Pink is loving and warm and will make your little one feel right at home.
  • White is another color that needs to be used with caution, as too much white can be too bright and cause your newborn to hold things in, so make sure you add splashes of color to evoke emotion and feelings.

Key Takeaways on Preparing Your Nursery

Having your first baby is an exciting yet daunting time in all-new parents’ lives. When it comes time to plan and design your nursery, make sure you keep these tips in mind. In addition to the items on this list, make sure you install plenty of storage for all those diapers and clothes they’ll outgrow every month, as well as decorations, wall art, and books to promote learning and creativity.

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