How To Prevent Birth Injuries From Happening

When pregnant and carrying a child, it is every woman’s wish that it can be a beautiful and life-changing experience. At the same time, pregnancy can be hard for some women. Their bodies are going through a lot of hormonal changes. During pregnancy, women’s bodies can start acting in strange and different ways than usual.

Even if the pregnancy itself goes smoothly, giving birth is an entirely different process. While most deliveries are smooth, there are times when complications arise. Whether you’re giving birth in a hospital, a birthing center or at home, it’s essential that you prepare yourself physically and psychologically.

Even so, birth injuries may occur. Thus, as much as possible, you should take care to know how to prevent birth injuries. Some preventive methods are exercising and staying fit. At the same time, it is also important to decide how you want to give birth to your child. Would you consider undergoing a c-section delivery? Would you prefer natural childbirth? Which of these would best prevent birth injuries?

Here are some of the things every woman should know when it comes to birth injury prevention:

  • Know What Causes Birth Injuries 

As with everything in life, knowledge is key to unlocking its many mysteries. By knowing the possible causes of birth injuries, you will know how to prevent these from happening. Learn more about your body. Make sure to recognize every stage of your pregnancy. That way, you’ll be able to foresee the potential risks and problems. At the same time, by knowing your body’s limits, you’ll know the exercises you can do. Preparation and exercise during pregnancy is of vital importance.

Constipation is your enemy. It strains your pelvic muscles while on the toilet and can weaken this muscle group. It is also one of the leading causes of birth injuries. At the same time, weak pelvic muscles can give you a hard time during the delivery and this, in turn, can cause other issues and injuries. The baby’s position or baby’s weight (if it’s heavier than 4kg) can cause injuries during the delivery.

Very quick or very long labor may complicate the conditions of your pelvic muscles and cause severe injuries. Moreover, if you have a small and unusually shaped pelvis, you may want to avoid natural delivery and choose the cesarean delivery method. Although the c-section method will help you avoid potential injury risks, the surgery itself may cause some health risks.

If labor begins before the 37th week of pregnancy, it’s possible that either the mother or the baby will suffer any type of birth injury. In case you suffer from birth injuries caused by the doctor’s malpractice or negligence, you should read about your rights in this caregiver’s guide. As with any other situation that requires the courts to decide who should be held responsible, birth injuries caused by negligent doctors are no different.

  • Talk To Your Doctor During Your Pregnancy

The doctor assigned to follow your pregnancy’s progress will help you with everything you need and tell you what you want to know. Remember that regular checkups are essential. This way your doctor will know the exact condition of every stage of your pregnancy. At the same time, your doctor can follow your baby’s progress and growth. Moreover, your doctor will have the most answers regarding your safety and baby’s safety during pregnancy and the delivery.

The assigned doctor will provide you with all the necessary verbal and written instructions. The instructions you get will help you better understand the entire pregnancy period. At the same time, these instructions will help you to better understand the physical training and exercises you should be practicing to avoid potential complications and injuries during labor. 

You can join pregnancy exercise groups, or you can exercise within your home by yourself. It’s essential to perform exercises that are safe during pregnancy. By doing so, you won’t create potential health complications during your pregnancy.

  • Exercise

Regular physical exercise can help strengthen your muscles. Regular exercise is essential to keep your body in good shape. By doing so, you’ll reduce the risk of potential birth injuries. Nothing can guarantee that you will surely avoid potential problems but, as much as possible, you should do everything that you can to reduce any possibility of birth injury.

Some cases, such as a strangely shaped and small pelvis may not be resolved by regular exercise. Even then, it’s possible to reduce the trauma during labor if your pelvic muscle group is strong enough to withstand the massive stress of childbirth.


Prevention of birth injuries is possible when pregnant women adhere to all suggestions given by their doctors, GPs or obstetricians. Regular exercise, a stress-free mind, and a healthy diet can help reduce the risk of birth injury. Even then, complications may occur. If it so happens that you know of a birth injury caused by a doctor’s negligence, you can file a malpractice suit and protect your rights.

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