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How To Properly Hang Curtains

Step 1: Locate drill, make sure it has a dead battery and no drill bits. Search for the power cord and drill bits give up eventually after garbage starts flowing from your mouth.
Step 2: Locate screw driver, search entire house before finally finding it in the kids tool box where you should have started your search in the first place!
Step 3: Screw one side of stupid holder thing into the wall by hand....
Step 4: Move chair to other side of window and knock the christmass tree over in the process. Leave Christmas tree as is....if you need to get down from chair just jump over it.
Move to step 5: Screw one screw into....something
Step 6: Get mad and yell at the wall. Swear under your breath(as long as no kids are around), jump up and down and pout.
Step 7: Attempt to screw it into the wall somewhere else before realizing its not alligned with the other side.  Repeat step seven.
Step 8: Drop the screws and screw driver a few dozen times.
Step 9: Get mad and yell at the wall some more.
Step 10: Screw the screws halfway into the wall and call it good.
Step 10: Pray that the whole thing doesn't come crashing down in the middle of the night.

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