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How to Recession-Proof Your Stroller Pick

In this economy, everyone wants to make sure their dollar is well spent and their stroller choice will (literally) go the distance. We're here to help with our top 5 ways to help you maximize your stroller budget!

1. Forget the Snap n Go Carseat Frame. Rather than spending over $50 on a stroller frame that will be useless to you after 3-6 months, instead invest that money in a carseat adaptor for your stroller. This will give you the flexibility to lie your baby down in the stroller for longer walks (what the AAP recommends) instead of having to put them in their carseat first. Yet you will still have the flexibility to pop your carseat into the stroller for short errands without waking your sleeping bundle. P.S. This also means finding a stroller with newborn recline.

2. Think about your lifestyle today and buy a stroller accordingly. Often couples who take long walks every weekend still want a stroller that they can jet off to Hawaii with just in case. Consider how you will use your stroller 75% of the time. That way you will have the best stroller for your primary needs and you can always borrow or buy a second-hand lightweight stroller if that Hawaiian vacation does happen. Similarly, if you spend most of your time running errands in your car, but think down the road you might start running off the baby weight - hold off on that hybrid running stroller for now and get a lighter stroller to fit your current activities.

The sit and stand stroller is very ideal if you plan to have a toddler and infant.

3. Use your stroller bassinet in place of a house bassinet or moses basket. If you envisioned your new arrival sleeping in their own cosy bassinet, consider a stroller with a bassinet option that can double as your bassinet at home, or bassinet on-the-go. When my kids were younger I slept them in their stroller bassinet during the day. This meant they were always within arms reach while at home, but I didn't have to wake them to pop them into a stroller for our daily walks. We even used the stroller bassinet as a crib at my in-laws house for the few 6 months when we visited.

4. Don't buy a stroller ONLY because it matches the carseat or has the most amount of storage: We see a lot of parents who bought their initial stroller because it matched the carseat they wanted or it had a large storage basket. After pushing this stroller for several months, they realized it didn't meet their needs. There are a lot of fabulous carseat covers out there to jazz up any carseat and make it a nice compliment to the stroller you want. Similarly, there are many aftermarket storage options that you can add to provide more storage, cupholders, or snack trays than initially came with the stroller. Many parents are unaware these options exist when they are making their first stroller purchase.

5. Get what you love from the start! We have a lot of customer who shied away from the stroller they initially wanted due to price concerns. While we understand price needs to factor into your decision, don't make it the only criteria! More often then not, customers who choose based on price alone, end up regretting their choice and purchasing another stroller when their baby is 6-12 months. Make sure you are choosing a stroller you really love. You will be pushing this stroller for 3+ years (more if you have another child) and if it isn't what you wanted, every time it won't close properly and takes up too much room in your trunk, you will be upset once more that you didn't get the stroller you loved. No matter what your budget, buying frustration is not a wise expenditure.

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