How To Reduce the Fuel Consumption of Your Car

The fuel consumption for each car model is determined by the manufacturer under almost ideal circumstances. That’s why many drivers can’t understand why they use more fuel than they should. The fuel consumption largely depends on how rationally the driver uses the engine's capabilities. That’s why two similar cars can consume fuel with a difference of up to 25 percent.

You should know that it is not necessary to resort to some incredible tricks to achieve the economy indicated in the documents for the car. There are a few "secrets" for economic and rational driving. In this article, we will tell you how to reduce the fuel consumption of your car.

Understanding the fuel consumption of your car

To understand the essence of economic driving it is important to be aware of the theory. Here are the reasons why the engine consumes more fuel than necessary:

  • It works at unreasonably high speeds
  • It works at excessively low speeds
  • Frequent transient modes (acceleration or deceleration)
  • Running under load with a cold engine

You should understand that the engine consumes the least fuel while driving if it operates at constant rpm and in the rpm range that the manufacturer considers most efficient. People who have cars with a manual transmission can find out these numbers from the graphs (the external speed characteristic of your engine model). They are also indicated by recommendations for gear shift speeds. 

In many cars, a hint is displayed on the dashboard at the right time, which gear to change. This recommendation should be adhered to because it is made to increase the efficiency of your car. However, you can’ achieve dynamic acceleration in this case because economical electronics advises to switch up already at 1700 rpm.

When it comes to automatic transmissions, most of them are set by default for the economy and environmental friendliness. But at the same time, many of the modern automatic transmissions tend to adapt to the driving style of the driver. That’s why if you drive aggressively, the automatic transmission will see this after a while and will start shifting at higher revs and this will increase the fuel consumption of your car.

Economical driving methods

It is important to remember the range of effective revolutions of your engine (according to its external speed characteristic). The torque curve is essential since the dynamics and fuel consumption of the car during acceleration depend exactly on it. 

Regular gasoline cars usually have a straight line of the graph in the 1800-3000 rpm region. For supercharged engines, especially large and medium displacement, this line is much wider. For diesel cars (even supercharged ones) this range is narrow and noticeably shifted to the low revs zone.

Here are some tips on how to reduce fuel consumption include:

  • Сhange gears according to the above-mentioned characteristic
  • Accelerate vigorously and achieve the planned speed decisively (do not delay the process)
  • Don’t accelerate in vain (for example, when you see a traffic light, intersection, or traffic jam ahead)
  • Don’t switch to the neutral gear on descents (the fuel consumption on the neutral ger is not zero)
  • Refuel your car with quality fuel (both gasoline and diesel cars need good fuel)
  • Always monitor the condition of your car (tire pressure, hub bearings, and camber)

You should understand that fuel consumption largely depends on the technical condition of the car. If your car requires a huge amount of fuel and you have to spend a lot of money on its maintenance, it can be better to consider a cash offer for a car and buy a better vehicle. 

The bottom line

If you have a car, it is better not to subordinate the movement of a car only to the idea of the economy. It is essential to understand that there are also considerations of safety, comfort, time consumption, and many more factors. But you need to make sure that fuel-efficient driving comes naturally to you. Only then the ride will be comfortable and pleasant.

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