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How to Run Your Blog About Ordinary Things in the Creative Way

Running a blog has become a thing of the norm in today’s world. You can literally sit at a coffee shop and hear people talk about how successful or unsuccessful their blogs are. People are constantly abuzz about their blogs and the content they are creating.

This makes it seem very simple and straightforward, doesn’t it? But what are the secrets of running a blog about seemingly ordinary topics but in an unusual and approachable way?

Design your blog

Having a custom made a design on your blog is the key to attracting niche crowds to your blog. You can literally have a cooking blog or a blog dedicated to documenting your dog’s everyday life and have a massive following. The secret is branding your blog in a way that makes it familiar, hospitable and welcoming to anyone who visits.

Using default Tumblr or Wordpress themes might not be the best idea if you want to stand out from the crowd. Consult a graphic designer and create sketches of different layouts as to how you would like your blog to look like. This will give the designer a good idea of what you have in mind, allowing you to collaborate and create something unique and exciting for everyone.

Personal motivation

Being motivated is the key to being creative. Find your daily motivation in any form that works for you. Whether it’s reading a proverb book once a day or having a dedicated app that lets you know a new wisdom every now and then – it doesn’t matter.

Being inspired to create content for your blog will reflect in the quality of content you put up. Even though you may not notice any differences, your viewers certainly will and it will, in turn, result in their rise or fall.

Constant brainstorming

For better or worse, you will constantly brainstorm new ideas about your blog if you want to keep it fresh. Using simple mind-mapping techniques and branching ideas on a piece of paper should become a thing of the norm for you.

Letting your creativity dip even for a couple of days might have drastic consequences on your blog. Take all the time you need to create quality content but don’t leave your readers hanging. Even ordinary things can be presented in very creative and thought-provoking ways – all it takes is some clever brainstorming to get it right.

Promote creatively

Since you are running an ordinary creative blog, you can promote it as such. Depending on your budget and time constraints, you can create magical and attractive promotional materials that no one will be able to resist.

Using the example of a cooking blog, you can make muffins and share them around the local mall with your blog link attached inside. You can also consult someone at online about your blog and create some professional content that caters to your followers. This is just a simple example of how you can promote -9-your blog depending on the topic you are writing about. Use your imagination and do something that no one else did before you – after all, the most ordinary things hold the most imaginative secrets inside.

Sell personalized products

Running a successful blog also means being loved by the community. Creating personalized branded accessories and items will give your followers a huge incentive to promote you and stay loyal. You can use this opportunity to create interesting printed shirts, mugs, pillows or anything you can imagine.

Putting some of your favorite or personal quotes on these prints will do wonders for your followers, whatever you may think about your seemingly ordinary blog.


As strange as it sounds – no blog is ordinary. Every creator brings something to the table and makes their content different from the rest. The secret of becoming big is striking gold at the best opportune moment, so following trends is very important. Don’t shy away from tackling your favorite topic no matter how absurd it may seem. Let your audience decide if the topic is ordinary or not –make sure that you focus on creative content and stay true to your vision.

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