How to Stay in Shape With Your Kids at Home

Nowadays our schedules are a bit skewed and it is hard to find some ‘me time’ to care for ourselves, especially when we have a full house. While taking care of our family, here is how we can also care for ourselves and keep ourselves in shape.

How to stay in shape with your kids at home:

Family fitness workouts

Doing things as a family unit can be both productive and fun! Opt for family fitness workouts if you can’t find a way to get in some alone time so that you all can spend some time boosting your health. You can even take on a fitness challenge via apps like the 30 Day Fitness to motivate one another and follow a guided workout plan. Whether you want to do it alone or as a family, it’ll be something new!

Try new healthy dishes

When you have fun cooking and trying out new healthy dishes, the more inclined you will be continue with it! Cooking can seem like a chore sometimes, but finding recipes that you (and your family) are excited about and can make cooking fun with will help you find some new favorite recipes and enjoy healthy meals together.

Stay in your workout clothes all day to sneak in exercises throughout the day

You can sneak in squats here and there while chasing the kids, and add in a couple arm-strengthening exercises while waiting for your healthy meals to cook, etc. Since you’re already prepared by being in your workout clothes, the more you eliminate the excuse of ‘not being ready’ and make working out more doable. Parents don’t have a lot of extra time on their hands already, so this puts you one more step in the direction of good health!

Avoid buying sweets

There’s that phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and while that may not be completely true, it sure does make a difference to not have sweets within your vicinity. Avoid buying sweets and unhealthy snacks so that there are not an even an option for you. The more mindful you are about what you keep stocked in your fridge and in your pantry, the better!

Learn when you are hungry and don’t just eat because you are bored

When you’re bored, what’s one of the most common things you do? For many people, it’s ‘eat!’ It’s crucial to learn when you are hungry and for when it is even just in question, opt for a glass of water or herbal tea first and really tune in to see if you are hungry or just bored. Get some movement in and do something that you enjoy, and if you are still hungry then go for a healthy snack or extra serving of a meal.

All of these activities are effective to help keep you in shape and the creativity you use now is something you will carry forward in your health and fitness routine. So think outside of the box and have some fun thinking up new ways that work for you and your family to stay in shape and stay healthy.


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Comment by Sara Lucero on April 30, 2020 at 5:12pm

Might be a cliche but... Joe wicks is great! 

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