How To Teach Your Kids To Start Cleaning And Doing Chores On Their Own

Cleaning and doing chores used to be a solely one-parent activity, and usually, moms were the ones who would get down to business. However, every family member should take up some house chores, especially kids, and do their "cleaning" part. There's nothing wrong with teaching your children a few obligatory chores such as cleaning the room, making the bed, and helping with dishes, what's more, there are numerous benefits to doing these things on their own. It spruces responsibility, diligence, and even patience, plus kids would learn how to appreciate you and your free time. Hence, here are some of the easy and beneficial tips on how to teach your kids to effectively do their chores.

Make it fun and structured

The organisation is half of the work. Delegate the chores around the house neatly and determine which family member would clean one part of the house and who would be responsible for certain cleaning tasks that day. You can make a clear table with the exact timeline which would define who is about to complete which household task that day. Monday can be bedroom day, Tuesday the kitchen day, etc. Kids comply with the rules much better if they have a fixed schedule. Try to make it fun by playing music while they are cleaning their room, or offer a delicious treat once they finish. Structure is the key when it comes to completing household tasks.

Show them how easy and eco-friendly cleaning is

Kids usually tend to think that cleaning is boring or too difficult. If you were to show them how easy and beneficial it is, they would immediately have a change of thoughts. First, teach them the importance of using quality and eco-friendly cleaning supplies such as Swedish dishcloths which are biodegradable and reusable. These cloths replace paper towels, sponges, and cotton cloths making cleaning easy and lucrative. Then, stress the importance of using risk-free cleaning products and specify the practicality of using a green multipurpose cleaner. This way they will learn how to clean mindfully and easily by embracing the value of it and work towards incorporating bigger tasks as they grow.

Set a time limit

Another simple and effective way to encourage your kids to do chores on their own is to set a time limit. As already mentioned, they think cleaning is absolutely tedious, and for that matter, you could tell them that they must put their clothes in the washing machine within 10 minutes or their bedtime would be brought earlier. Don't make it sound like a threat, though, but rather like a friendly competition. There should be some form of punishment for not completing the task such as not getting their allowance for that day or week, but if you were to set a time limit for cleaning and doing chores they would be encouraged more freely to do their obligatory tasks.

Let the chores be their prior focus

When they do get down to business, kids get easily distracted by a number of things and in the end, the results are either poorly cleaned house or it took hours to complete. If your child fails to do his chores in a designated manner, end all the distractions. Turn off all the electronics such as TV and computer and note that they don’t come back on until all the cleaning duties are taken care of. When things get in the way of doing things they would utterly procrastinate and get de-motivated.   They would finish their house duties far faster by not having any distractions.

The reward factor

Even though there shouldn’t be any leverage, kids are not so keen on cleaning, so maybe having some financial reward might do the trick for them. If your child didn't obey the rules or neglected to do his chores once or twice after being reminded, then try to give a dollar for every extra minute they spend on cleaning, but also let them know they would lose a dollar every time you remind him. Offer bonuses for additional encouragement, or merely set a cleaning allowance at $10 per week as a motivating factor. This will teach them that earning money takes work and diligence, so it's a good lesson for future outcomes.

Mix up some of these pieces of advice and your kids would willingly start doing their chores in no time.

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