How to Throw a Beautiful Barbie Birthday Party

We know we aren’t the only ones who loved birthday parties when we were young and when our birthday parties were themed they were even better. How do you throw the perfect Barbie birthday party? Here are simple tips that will help make your little girl’s next birthday full of memories for years to come.

The Perfect Invitations:  No birthday party can be complete without the perfect invitations. Themed Barbie birthday invitations can be found almost anywhere from your local party store to online. And, the variety of Barbie-themed invitations are quite big. Check online first with your daughter to find the perfect invitations. Also, sit down with her to make a guest list that is reasonable (sometimes they can be a bit long) and have her deliver the invitations to her friends personally or send them to her friends’ mailing addresses. Hand delivery is fun, but what kid doesn’t like getting her own mail?

Themed Decorations: You must have themed decorations for your daughter’s party from seat covers to streamers, to plates and cups! Some moms opt for the paper variety of Barbie decorated birthday plates and cups, but you can also go a little fancier with plastic plates and cups and even real dishware if that’s what you prefer. Just remember paper is easy to clean up and throw away. Plastic and real dishware saves throwing anything away if you’d like to be a little more green for this party.  

Barbie Cake: Have you seen some of the amazing Barbie cakes out there? Just do a simple Google search and your jaw will drop. These cakes are mind-blowing beyond belief. All we can say is there are some very creative bakers out there. One thing you might want to do is sit down with your daughter and determine what type of cake she’ll like and then make a day of baking it together.

Barbie Entertainment: Of course, no party will be complete without entertainment. Toys”R”Us has a great collection of Barbie music and DVDs, including the new Barbie: The Pearl Princess coming out March 11th. Your daughter and her friends will love sitting together and watching Barbie movies and then get up and dance off all of the sugar to fun Barbie tunes.

Barbie Trinkets and Gift Bags: Even though your daughter will get a ton of gifts from her friends, make sure her friends have a great gift bag with fun Barbie themed items inside. The trinkets don’t have to be extremely expensive. Think Barbie pencils, pens, erasers, and notepads. Your daughter’s friends may even like Barbie stickers and coloring books.

In honor of Barbie’s birthday we are pleased to be able to give away a fantastic Barbie prize for one winner. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Barbie The Pearl Princess DVD 
  • Barbie The Pearl Princess Lumina Doll 
  • Barbie The Pearl Princess Lumina and Prince Dolls 
  • Barbie The Pearl Princess Mermaid Co-Star Doll
  • Barbie The Pearl Princess Mermaid and Pet
  • Barbie The Pearl Princess Mermaid Style Coloring book and Crayons 

In of Barbie's birthday, Toys“R”Us will have a special Barbie Birthday feature shop in stores now through March 16th. 

Toys"R"Us, the go-to destination for all things Barbie, is having some great deals during her birthday celebration, visit here for details and offers. You can stock up for your very own Barbie Birthday Party! Plus, at any Toys"R"Us, the feature shop will be giving away a FREE Barbie Purse Perfect Makeup Case with ANY Barbie doll, playset, or accessory purchase of $30 or more at Toys"R"Us. This special offer is available March 9th through March 15th. Quantities are limited. 


Join us for a Barbie Birthday Twitter Party #TRUBarbieParty on March 11 at 2 p.m. EST. Toys"R"US and mom bloggers will be sharing tips on how to throw a great Barbie party. And @Barbie will be joining the #TRUBarbieParty Twitter Party to chat about birthday party ideas!  Plus they will be featuring a Twitter-only special offer!

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Comment by Emily Huston on April 9, 2014 at 2:18am

Well the theme suggested to organize a beautiful party can be really fruitful. As these kind of parties are mostly enjoyed by girls, where they not only enjoy the company of each other & can nourish their plan in a full fledged manner.

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