How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Luxury Retreat

A luxury bedroom is essential for several reasons, the most obvious being that you spend at least 8 hours of your day in it, sleeping. Outside of sleep, there are those indulgent Sunday mornings of lying in till lunchtime, and spoiling yourself with cups of tea while disappearing into your favorite book or series.

It’s your private space, a place to be free, to dream and feel inspired, and to unwind from challenging days.

It sets the tone for how you start and finish each day, so why not have it be a welcoming oasis that energizes you when you wake and calms you when it’s time for bed. Here are some key factors to incorporate into your bedroom to create that dream haven.

Comfortable & Cozy Bed

Few people grasp the importance of a comfortable, good quality bed, so let's get mathematical to prove a point. If you sleep an average of eight hours a night, this amounts to a third of your life spent sleeping. To drive down the magnitude of this equation, if you live for 75 years, you will spend 25 years of your life sleeping.

From your mattress to your pillows, and even comforters and blankets, choose the right fit for you. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Test out options that match your sleeping style. Back, side and stomach sleepers all have different needs, check out if you need help sifting through the options.

Poor sleep is not just an inconvenience, it’s as serious as shortening your lifespan. Sleep conditions in adults and children can have massive effects on our health. A good bed is an important investment and the base of a luxury bedroom that revitalizes and recharges you daily.

Do Not Disturb

Have you even been to a retreat or enjoyed a spa treatment where children run past, laughing and shrieking at the top of thier little lungs? No, chances are you haven’t.

Step one is to create a zone where the family knows to give you space. We get that this is not always possible in a busy home, where the word “mom” gets uttered every other minute. If keeping your room out of bounds is not an option, at least create a set period of time which is just for you. (Note, we’re not referring to bathroom breaks here.)

Design & Color Scheme

This is not the place to take any décor shortcuts, the aim is to feel pampered and retreat to a room that leaves you experiencing ultimate pleasure. Think back to your honeymoon suite. Clean, contemporary furniture, crisp white linen, and neutral colors that are calming and inviting.

As beds and pieces of furniture, take up larger areas of the room, statement pieces like a bold headboard, a classic dresser or a corner chair will become focal points. If you are someone who likes to change things up from time to time, timeless pieces that do not date are best, as you can always decorate and change color schemes around them.

Decorative bed pillows, curtains and floor rugs are easier and more affordable to change, so these are areas to get creative with and add color.


A bedroom should be dark when you sleep, bright when you wake, and a calm in between for relaxing and romantic evenings.

For night time, install a dimmer so you can control the lighting according to your mood. Accessorize your bed stands with lights or lampshades that complement your décor. Blackout curtains are a good idea if you have street lights or city lights that shine into the room. They also dampen noise, so will help create the perfect cocoon for your nighttime routine.

During the day, make sure blinds and curtains can be pulled right back, to allow in the maximum amount of natural light. A mirror is a great way to reflect more light and make a space look larger.

Neat & Clutter-Free

A pile of unironed laundry and a nightstand full of cosmetics does not fit the look of a luxury bedroom retreat. Storage options are easy enough to find at your local Target, so go out and get some.

Clutter is distracting and untidy. Find a place for those unsightly items. If you use them regularly, dream up a weekend project of making them look stylish and attractive, so they don’t detract from your Zen environment.

Pretty Things You Love

Yes, your room is also home to that prized shoe collection, but what about those special treasures that you make you stare in admiration. What evokes that feeling of luxury and abundance for you? Is it a piece of artwork on the wall,  fresh flowers, a collection of candles, or a plush throw over the edge of your bed?

Find those special items that distinguish your bedroom from any other room in the house, and surround yourself with them.

Plants & Fresh Air

Let the outdoors in. Open windows and allow air to move through your bedroom. This will help cleanse and freshen stale air. If you like fragrances, burn incense, it is a natural air freshener, with the added benefit of relieving anxiety and improving sleep.

There are also a variety of interior houseplants that are sleep-friendly and help remove toxins from the air. Plus, they look beautiful and will complement that blissful bedroom look.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of physical, emotional and mental health. By creating a beautiful space dedicated to de-stressing and supporting such an important part of life, you will be waking up a better, happier version of yourself.

What is the first step you’ll be taking in creating the perfect bedroom for you?

Bianca is a working mom and writers in her spare time. She loves traveling and exploring different foods and cultures. When at home, she enjoys hiking and getting into nature. The pursuit of happiness, and spending time with her family, is what brings her the most joy. That, and long, hot baths!

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