How To Use A Baby Swing To Calm Your Infant

As the parent of a newborn, finding moments where you can be hands-free are few and far between. This is what makes a baby swing such a fantastic resource when you need to get something done. Your baby can enjoy rocking gently in their swing and you can have a few minutes to get work done, do chores, or do a handstand -- up to you!

If you have a fussy baby, a swing can work wonders to calm them down. The gentle rocking sensation reminds them of being in the womb, which is inherently soothing. As long as you follow the instructions and weight restrictions of the swing, it’s a safe way to give yourself a break every now and then.

Benefits of Using a Baby Swing

There are numerous benefits of a baby swing for both you and your baby. For your baby, using the swing is typically a very calming experience that can teach them how to self-soothe. The relaxation it provides can also help your baby fall asleep more easily, though sleeping in the swing is not encouraged. For you, a baby swing allows you to have up to thirty minutes where you don’t need to hold your baby. This time is precious when you are a new parent trying to juggle everything at once.

Tips to Help Your Baby Enjoy Their Swing

Many babies will find their swing instantly entertaining, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add in extra features to make their time even more enjoyable. Here are a few ways to help your baby get the most out of their baby swing.

1.   Make Sure Your Baby Has a Full Belly

Hungry babies aren’t going to find a baby swing calming enough to make them forget that they are hungry. It’s important that you feed and burp your baby before putting them into a swing so that they can actually relax.

2.   Add a Sound Machine

While some baby swings come equipped with a white noise machine, you can always add one nearby if your baby swing doesn’t have that function. From the sound of a heartbeat to a “shush” sound, there are multiple noise options that will relax your baby and remind them of being in the womb. You can also play sounds like the ocean or lullabies to relax your baby.

3.   Add Items with the Mother’s Scent

Babies feel comforted when they can smell their mother, so consider adding a lightweight item, like a small cloth, that belongs to their mother to their baby swing.

4.  Use a Pacifier

A pacifier can be another way of getting your baby to settle down when they are being fussy. Combined with the rocking motion of the swing, the pacifier will hopefully help your baby feel relaxed in no time.

A Few Notes on Baby Swing Safety

It’s really important that you read all the instructions that come with your baby swing and follow them accordingly. We’ve listed some of the most important safety precautions below to get you started.

  • Check the weight limits of the swing
  • Always use the swing on the floor, never on an elevated surface
  • Check that your baby’s harness is secure
  • Don’t place toys in the swing
  • If your baby starts to sleep, gently move them to their bassinet or crib. Sleeping in a swing can be dangerous.
  • Don’t leave your baby unattended
  • For babies that are under four months, you should use the most reclined position
  • Don’t use a blanket in the swing; dress your baby in more layers of clothing instead
  • You should never leave your baby in their swing for more than thirty minutes -- lying in this position for too long isn’t good for them and can actually flatten the back of their head

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