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How To Use CBD For Your Pet - Perfect Guide

   Most of us humans know all about cannabis and the effects it has on us once consumed. Some of us would have tried it once in awhile for recreational use or perhaps more often to help decrease pain or discomfort.

There has been great feedback from people when using medical marijuana saying it has helped them a great deal and helped to reduce symptoms. What about our pets?

The ECS which is the endocannabinoid system is something each human is born with. It is located in the brain and all through the nervous system. The receptors are used for pain sensation, memory, appetite and to help normalize the effects of marijuana.


It's important to know the difference between pet CBD and THC. You might light up a joint, smoke it and start to feel tired, giggly and have a craving for snack foods. This is not the same as CBD. Cbd is not psychoactive so it is harmless for your pet and you won’t have a cat flying up the walls or rocking back and forth stoned.

Thc is toxic to the animals. In human brains, we are able to moderate it however when these chemicals are leaked into the body an animal cannot moderate it.

If given on more than one occasion your pet can have a change in heartbeat, vomiting, seizures and incontinence. Pets that overdose on thc often cannot be saved.

Pet CBD for animal consumption

Cbd is used to treat so many problems in pets. It can help with so many different symptoms of weakness, loss of appetite, allergies and anxiety. Pet CBD has also helped with more major problems like cancers, seizures and arthritis.

For those who don’t like giving their pets medical prescriptions, you can look at pet CBD as a more organic and healthier option.

Is CBD legal for pet use?

There is limited research available for Innovetpet CBD oil, but the feedback and testimonials speak for themselves. So many people have used vet CBD oil with great success and continue to use it in lower doses.

A few vets are familiar with pet CBD but there are still cautious vets who won’t yet encourage the use of CBD oil until more research is done. Cbd can be a healthier option it is important not to suddenly stop your pet’s current medication without consulting with your local vet first.

While CBD oil may be beneficial for your pet it’s important to know it isn’t a cure. Your pet still may need to take prescribed medication but can then take the hemp oil to help with the loss of appetite or pain during the treatment.

Where to find vet CBD oil

Make sure you do your research first before getting involved with giving vet CBD oil to your pet.
You can get CBD pet treats, a topical solution to rub onto skin problems or an oil to add to their food. If you have a fussy pet who is particular about the food you can try the pet treats with CBD they come in different flavors appealing to dogs like peanut butter and Smokey bacon.

There are many websites that sell the hemp oil but be careful to check the reviews to make sure you are buying from a reputable company. Check the company supply a dosage chart as well as an ingredient list to make sure there is no thc in the oil. In this case, cheaper is not better, they have been known to be diluted down and contain a lot of thc while is dangerous to your dog.

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What dosage of hemp oil so I use for my dog?

Most companies will supply a dosage chart for your animal that will be in chart form going off the weight and size of the animal. It is best to check with a vet first to make sure that dosage will suit the severity of the problem your pet has.

There aren’t any major adverse reactions to animals taking hemp seed oil but they cannot say for certain as each dog reacts differently. It is best to start off slow and gradually build up so you can monitor if changes are happening and if there are any reactions, if not then you can increase the dose up to the recommended level for your dog. 

Most Vet cbd dosing charts recommend one to two doses each day. The dose amount will vary depending on your dog and the condition.

If you find it is working wonderful and doing what you want it to be doing after awhile you can lower the dose gradually and may only need half the dose you are giving if improvements are starting to show. You need to find what best works for your individual pet.


Like when starting a new medication it's important when your dog starts taking CBD oil to monitor them for allergic reactions or adverse reactions.It will take a few weeks to see any positive changes so if you are starting to see results but no adverse reactions you can increase the dose a little if you have started out at a lower dose than recommended. Once at the recommended dose for your dog, you should be happly seeing the therapeutic results.

It’s important that you keep to the recommended dose for your dog's size some people tend to think the more the oil the better the results this is simply not true. You need to keep an open mind and not rush into CBD oil hoping for a cure as there have been dogs that have not reacted to the oil at all.

Its all about finding what works for your pets and sticking to a routine to give your pet more energy and a better chance of doing the things all pets like do.

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