How to wear a fanny pack in 5 stylish ways

A raging trend in the early 90s, the fanny pack (or bum bag, as called in the UK) was an accessory that every fashionista on the block was witnessed sporting. However, the downfall of the controversial contraption came as hard as the rise. Soon, the bum bag began to be shunned by the fashionable – leaving only dads, uncles, an occasional tourist and professional athletes as its enthusiasts.

However, they say if you wait long enough, everything makes its way back in fashion. This is exactly what happened in the case of fanny packs. As they first made a couple of appearances on the street in early 2016, they were received with great fervour from some while scepticism from others. But it was the pro-fanny block that was to win this contest. Seen as a great way to hype up a monotonous and boring outfit, the fanny pack trend spread faster than wildfire. More fuel was added when high-end fashion brands jumped on the bandwagon and started giving the OG fanny pack new, contemporary looks.

Though the accessory is old, the way our favourite fashionista’s are styling it today is brand new. We have moved past only wearing it like it was intended to. These days, the fashion-forward are slinging the bum bag every which way – and looking ultra chic while doing it. Here are 5 of the trendiest ways you can make a statement with the fanny pack.

1.  Good old around the waist

Of course, the OG way of wearing the fanny pack will never go out of style. Forever popular with tourists and dads at Disneyland, wearing your fanny pack around the waist keeps your personal belongings right under your nose. What’s more is that this style gives you the easiest access to the pouch zippers – a fact that is much appreciated by those who like to rock it old school.

2.  Chest high in front

On the runway, we have seen the fanny pack carried a hundred different ways. However, the most popular among all has to be a fanny pack slung high, right on your chest. Though it might get a little uncomfortable and your boobs may start to sweat after a little while but hey – at least your fancy little accessory is getting noticed, right? This style is great for those who want to make a statement with their super stylish bum bag.

3.  Crossbody centred in front

If you like to get under the radar but still value comfort, then sling your fanny pack midway between your chest and waist. This sweet spot is our favourite way to carry our fanny pack – being accessible as well as visible!

4.  Crossbody with the pack in the back

For the places where the crime rate is on the down low, try swinging your fanny pack across your body with the pouch at the back. The fresh, new look will guarantee you tonnes of attention while keeping the bag out of the way so you can be as comfortable as possible.

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