How Women Can Use Muscle Building Supplements Safely To Maintain Their Health

If you are a woman who has reached the age of 45, you are more likely to lose muscle mass if you don’t do anything to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most women do not engage in exercise past the age of 40, and this could highly contribute to the loss of muscle, if an active exercise and body building regimen is not undertaken.

Along with regularly exercising, it is advisable to consume supplements in order to attain dietary requirements, especially while exercising.

To build muscle and stay strong and healthy as a woman, especially past the age of 40, you need to ensure that you are doing the following.

1. Choose a protein supplement

Before you go to an online general health store and choose a supplement, you need to determine the right protein supplement for you. Under normal circumstances, in order to gain muscle, you need to consume natural protein and muscle building supplements along with your dietary needs. The most common forms of these proteins are soy and whey proteins.

These proteins are quite readily available and should be consumed before and after a good workout. Be sure to read the instructions on the label for accurate daily consumption of these protein supplements along with your exercise regimen.

2. Creatine is useful for regenerating muscles

Whereas whey and soya are useful for building muscle, creatine is useful for regenerating muscle. It is recommended to use about 5 grams before and 5 grams after a workout. Creatine will help you feel stronger during your workouts, which means you will be able to do more and therefore build your muscles much faster.

Creatine should be taken with a lot of water because it dehydrates the body and causes imbalances of electrolytes in the body. Before you buy some creatine, it will be important to consult your doctor for advice on how to consume the supplement in a healthy manner. It is very important to only purchase creatine and other supplements from reputable online stores such as

3. Vitamin C

As you purchase whey protein and creatine, vitamin C, as a supplement, will also be quite important for you. Vitamin C helps your body recover faster after exercise, and also stimulates muscle growth. The general recommended amount of vitamin C that you should consume is 500 grams daily, in order to make work-out recovery much faster.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps the muscles neutralize free radicals that make recovering from a workout more difficult.

4. Other important considerations

While trying to build muscle, it is also very important to ensure the following:

  • That you hydrate throughout the day.
  • That you get enough sleep for a day. Remember that muscle is re-built when you sleep not when you work out. Eight hours a day when you are working out is necessary.
  • Find a good training program to help you meet your goals.
  • Be very determined to get a new habit of eating healthy and exercising

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Comment by Ashley Owen on June 15, 2015 at 12:34pm

Great tips! It does seem as I get older, the harder it is to stay in shape.

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