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Five Ways to Avoid the Health Risks of Being Too Busy

A life of complete calm and organization is a myth. For most, the daily chaos of life becomes routine and manageable. But when does busy become too busy? And when does too busy start affecting your overall health? To help you assess if you are overextending yourself, the health experts at Envolve,…


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How would you like to SAVE $9,000, enhancing your family budget this year?

I would love to share with how you can truely save $9,000 and enhance your families food budget.

This is my job, I love being able to enhance someone elses or families lifestyles by simply sharing with them our wonderful product line and opportunity we have to give. You can simply visit my website and see what we have, then place an order online. BUT there is something about- when a customer learns about WHY that a certain product could enhance their families lifestyle and they see the value of the investement they are making- something changes! I see the "sparkle" in their eye or hear it in their voice, and I know that they are not just purchasing something- they are investing in their families future and to me, THAT MEANS I have done my job and I know that at that point- I have helped make a difference in their lives. THAT ROCKS!!!!!!!

By using our Tupperware systems and solution based products in your home- you TRUELY can. I can show you and your friends this simply by hosting a party- via conference call or locally in our area. I will help you put systems adn solutions into place that will save you time & money while supporting your dieting & health needs. Parties with me are simple, easy & fun! * PLUS+ when you share this information with your friends/family- you not only Bless them and their family, but they gain Knowledge and see the Value of our wonderful, lifetime warranted product line and systems.

Visit my personal website if you would like, @ http://my2.tupperware.com/anitasmithson

We have 6 fabulous systems in our product line and solution based products available to help your family BEGIN living a Healthier lifestyle and save You- money, time, waste and space!

Modular Mates System-

helping stretch your food dollar, saving space in your cubboards and not allowing wasted food to be thrown out due to ants, critters or other things getting in your pantry/food. they are airtight and liquid tight containers.

Fridegsmart System-

enhancing the life of your fruits and veggies up to 2-3 weeks longer. Its amazing and a must purchase, for families wanting to eat healthier. take your fruits and veggies out of your crisper drawers and put your condiments in them instead. place your fruits and veggies on the shelves, so YOU see them and will eat them.

Freezermate System-

great for buying in bulk,no matter if your family is small or large. this stretches your food dollar.

Vent'N'Serve System-

great for pre-prepping your food, buying in bulk and storing, reheating your food/ left overs. It goes from the freezer, into the microwave, onto your table or eat right out of it. great for busy moms. and hubbies lunches

Stack Cooker System- omg, a must for busy moms or large families. how would like to cook complete meals in less then 30 minutes? buy in bulk, cook down in bulk/one day and store in the freezer for future dinners? this is an amazing systems that will save you so much time and money in your kitchen, and for meal planning!

"NEW" Smart Steamer System- enhance the vitamins and delcious ingrediants of all your food/veggies when you prepare them in the smart steamer. this rocks, and is a very hot item! savor the vitamins and the taste of your food/veggies.

* Implement our H.O.M.E. message in your home beginning today:

Health, Organization, saving Money and helping our Environment by using solutions based/reuseable products

I would love to connect with you in person- over the phone or over a cup of coffee/tea in our area.My mission everyday when I wake up is to help out another family and find solutions to stretching their food dollar or putting fabulous porducts in their home, that will enhance their lifestyle. You can call me anytime 916-792-3124 or Inbox me here- for more details or questions on any of our products.

~AnitaMarie, momma2four

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