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There are certain monthly expenses, such as rent or mortgage payments, that are fixed and cannot be changed. This makes it essential to keep your variable expenses, such as groceries, as low as possible. While it may seem impossible to significantly cut the amount of money you spend on food and household supplies each month, there are plenty of ways you can reduce spending without sacrificing quality.

Look For Online Deals

While coupon clipping may have changed over the years, it's still a great way to save money. If there are staple items that you buy every week or month, visit the website for that brand's manufacturer. They may offer coupons that you can either download onto your phone or print out with your home printer. Another way to save money is to look for rebate offers from area stores. For example, visiting a site that offers Walmart rebates will help you save on products that you need to buy. In addition to groceries, you can find rebates for paper products, electronics, camping equipment, and other types of items that you regularly use.

Stop at the Dollar Stores First

Before you visit your favorite grocery store, make a quick detour to area discount dollar stores. Most cities have a dollar store of some type. Doing some light shopping at a dollar store can save you a significant amount on your shopping list as long as you know where to find the bargains. As a general rule, a bargain store is ideal for picking up cleaning supplies, paper towels, and bathroom tissue, spices, and a few nonperishable foods. Even if you get just a few things on your list from a dollar store, you can save $20 or more on your grocery shopping for the week or month.

Buy Generic

Especially when it comes to food, there are some items that are only good from a premium brand. Whether that's your coffee, a particular brand of soda, or your kids' favorite peanut butter, it's okay to stick with a couple of brand names. However, you should be buying generic whenever possible. Generic or store brand products are typically a couple of dollars cheaper, and those savings can really add up. In particular, look for generic products when taste or flavor isn't really an issue. For example, buy generic sugar, flour, cooking oil, and similar products. You can also buy generic cleaning products. By comparing the ingredients of a generic and name-brand product, you can ensure you're getting a similar product with the generic option.

Base Meals on Low-Cost Foods

You'll find that it's easier to save on groceries when you plan your family's meals in advance. This allows you to cook meals in bulk that your family can heat up for dinner or lunch several days in a row. These meals should be based on low-cost foods, such as potatoes, pasta, or rice. Vegetables that can be bought at a low per-pound rate are also great meal starters. Since red meat and chicken cost more, add them sparingly just to ensure your family is getting enough iron, vitamin D, and protein. Serving water with each meal will help your family feel fuller without overindulging in the meal. It will also help to keep them properly hydrated.

Limit Your Spending

You should also have a predetermined limit to how much you'll spend on each shopping trip, and limit how many times you'll go shopping each month. By limiting yourself to a specified dollar amount, you'll be more frugal in the choices you make. You'll find that you'll buy fewer "might be nice" items and stick mostly to the "must-have" products. By limiting the number of trips you make to the store each month, you'll also limit extra spending. Before you make that extra trip to the store, decide if you really do need the products you're planning on buying. Trying to make do without those items for a few more days can help you avoid unnecessary spending.

You can also cut spending by looking for unnecessary expenditures on your monthly grocery shopping list. If you find that your family is spending too much money on sweets, switch to fruits. You'll save on how much you spend while offering your family healthier choices that are just as delicious. Look for more ways to save by changing the types of products you buy.

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Comment by Dee Dee Seaburg on November 10, 2021 at 12:23pm

Great suggestions! Our dollar store even carries produce. I always stop there first!

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