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     Contrary to popular belief, I am NOT the perfect mom.  Far from it, if truth be told.  I do not pretend to do everything right, because I don't.  I didn't get the memo or read the book with the instructions of what a "perfect mom's does."  I march to the beat of my own drum, take things a day at a time, make up things as I go and occasionally mess up. 
     Since I have been off work, I cook dinner more than I have in the last 6 years.  When I was working 50+ hours a week, it would be take out at least 3-4 days and I would cook on my days off.  Although, I have to confess that when I cook,  I don't always make a green vegetable because there aren't very many of them that I like and I don't cook stuff that I don't like.  If I am going to be very honest here, I don't cook a lot of vegetables, period.  Now, I have this picky little boy, who like his mother, either doesn't like or is unwilling to try any new foods.  We are both meat lovers and could probably eat meat and nothing else all the time, but I won't go that far.

     Since I started my quest to lose weight, I have been cooking things differently, not so much fried, etc. and I have been adding more veggies in.  Although my son doesn't like trying new stuff,  I encourage him to at least try it.  If he doesn't like it, then at least he tried.  I don't believe in, like my mother and grandmother, that you have to sit at the table until you eat all your food.  That concept is just asinine to me.  I remember having to sit for hours at my grandmother's table because I would not eat hot water cornbread, on several occasions.  If you know I don't like hot water cornbread, why would you keep giving it to me?  As I sit here and recollect today, it seems as though there was some type of power struggle to prove who was in charge between my grandmother and I.  Her stand was that a child had no say on what they were going to eat because they didn't buy the food.  My stand was that I didn't like hot water cornbread and I was NOT going to eat it, even if I had to sit at that table all day.  Let's just say that I never ate that damn nasty ass cornbread.  YUCK!
    I am not a domestic goddess.  I go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.  If we are running late, I do not require that my son make his bed.  There are many of days that I don't make my own bed.  I am going to get back into it, right?  I have hired a maid on several occasions because I didn't want to do spring cleaning or cleaning, period, for that matter.  I wish that I can find a maid that would put away the laundry after I wash it. Otherwise, it may sit in the living room for a day or two, or three or four.

     I don't obsess about the little stuff.  It's not that serious to me.  If my son eats pizza for breakfast, so what?  At least he ate.  If my house does not look like Molly Maid just left 7 days a week, AND?  It is, what it is.  If requiring that my son eats veggies with every meal, having an immaculate house and ensuring that the laundry is put away promptly are the requirements for being the perfect mom, then I would receive an epic fail.  But if supporting my son in all that he does, ensuring that he receives the best education, instilling his faith in God, teaching him life skills and showing him how to be self reliant, are signs of a good mom, then I would say that I am doing a pretty damn good job.  Still far from perfect but a pretty damn good, all the same.

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