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As I write this, I am thinking through my work week - specifically, which days I will be working from home this week and which ones I will be in the office. That flexibility has made my life so much easier, and I am so thankful to be at a job that grants that perk.

The ability to work from home has ensured that I can surprise my son at school for lunch, get to doctor's appointments easier and support my son's extra curricular activities better. So I was really happy to read that women are requesting more flexible working hours as they return to the workforce.

The article specifies women, but let's be honest: Everyone wants more freedom in their day. Being stuck in traffic on your way into an office when you could have made a one-room commute and logged in already is not the best way to start a day - no matter what your gender is. In my office, most folks work from home on Mondays and Fridays, and I have found that it makes the days we are all present a little more special. We are more willing to connect about our weekends, go to after work socializing events and feel like we are more productive.

I often wonder if this is the future of work for most people. Will my son find the idea of going into a workplace five days a week as archaic as the time I explained landline telephones to him? I've already shared with him how the ability to set my own schedule is a privilege that I need to continue to earn.

Maybe he gets it; maybe not. The point is that I am working hard on the balance thing, and using every tool at my disposal to do so.

Do you have a job with workplace flexibility? Tell me how you use it in the comments.

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