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I'm Back to Blogging - New "" Launch 6/1/16

Good Morning Everyone!

So - I took a little time off from blogging - nothing really important besides having a BABY!!  So now my family has grown to 4 and hectic living is just putting it lightly.

I went on a hiatus because I was becoming overwhelmed with every aspect of life and my content was suffering because of it.  I was trying to please too many people, including my readers, and I wasn't being "me".

And that is where "Simply Jaclyn" is born.  I am simply me, beautifully imperfect, and that is completely ok!  And other mothers should know that too.  You took a shower today??  High Five!!

So please join me, and you will see me around more often as well!  My site is still under construction, but you can check out some of my old posts.  And please follow me on FB, Twitter, or IG, because I am currently active on all 3.

Thanks and looking forward to mingling again =)

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