“Go into the process of creating with a big healthy dose of uncertainty and be prepared to adjust as necessary.”

I read the above quote in a blog the other night before I went to bed and it reminded me about a young boy I had met earlier that afternoon while volunteering at the Building for Kids. For those of you who don’t know the Building for kids, it is a child centered museum. In this museum is a room called “the DaVinci Room,” which is a place where budding artists can get creative with paint, predetermined daily projects, and building, among a few other things.

Those of you who have read my previous posts know I am not an advocate of, and thus will not likely be discussing, any prototype-oriented art activities on this blog, unless it is to make a significant point, mostly against them.

However, there is a place in this special room where kids can freely express themselves without limits or strict rules (well, except that of keeping your paintbrushes to yourselves maybe) and that place is at the easels.

On this particular day, a little boy decided he would like to paint. He sat down on a stool and dipped the oversized brushes into cups full of green and yellow paint alternately, mixing the colors together across the horizontally placed white sheet of paper.

I stood beside his caregiver, chatting with her a bit, and at one point she inquired of him, “What are you making?”

To which he replied, as he continued to busy himself with mashing the yellows and greens together across the page in circular-like motions, “I’m not done yet.”

I thought to myself…”Hmm. That’s a legitimate answer.” Not one we expected. But, legitimate nonetheless. In fact, perhaps in light of the aforementioned quote, a better answer than I might give while painting at an easel, or writing a story, or even crafting a blog post.

I decided to take a lesson from this young man and simply plop down that quote above, just the way he plopped down a few colors on his paper, and see where it led me. And here I am.

Which leads me to want to give you, dear reader, the rest of that quote. It was as follows:

“When you go into a project (or start working on something) with any expectation of how it will turn out, you’re limiting your potential. Creativity thrives in the unknown. Expecting anything (good or bad) as an outcome of your efforts is locking you into those expectations.”

I hope to get to a place in which I am never locked into expectations. I want to be free to try things without fear of judgement or preconceived notions of what it looks like I am supposed to be doing. Children are naturally this way. Let’s all find our inner child and mark up our own papers and see what we end up with! Because hey, none of us, if we are truly alive, are DONE YET!

Hope you have a great day and a great weekend!

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