Well, another Holiday and nothing, absolutely nothing but sitting in the ac,the three little one's are once again having an "I can't keep my hands to myself day", and me,  I'm writing. That's right, I decided I can not and will not play the part of 'playground' lady.  I missed out on too many activities itercepting fists, feet and toy cars and I've had it. I was enlightened by my 22 yo daughter who is my right hand man, imagine that.  She made a point, let them play, jump and run to their heart's content and they will learn bu their own mistakes or stupidy of not listening to cautionairy warnings. Not to suggest I neglect them or allow them to do dangerous things but to let them play without me waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop. Relax she says, hard to do when Mom's nerves just ain't what they use to be. My daughter made another point in tune with what the family Dr. suggested months ago, I need a drink, not to become the town drunk but just a beer at the end of the day to relax or to have a couple while the kids are attempting dare devil feats that cause my distress. You see, many years ago, my spouse and I along with our neighbors would sit out and drink a few while the kids played up and down the sidewalk or in the yard, I never worried about the what if's because I knew they were safe and back then, we watched eachother's children so everyone could relax and have a good time.


Flash forward to now, did the Gov't put something in the water? Seriously, kids today and this includes mine just don't listen or conform to order. I know it's not because I'm an older Mom, it has to be some explanation why today's kids just can't sit on a porch or in a yard and just play and stay in place. Instead, they tear up the house, climb on furniture, run so fast down the sideawalk, causing me and other Mom's to climb up walls. Kids today also have no fear of anything, they think they are invinsible to danger, busted heads or that no, a car will not see you in time. I have tried charts, rewards and punishment, nothing. I had no problem out of my first three, a few toys and they were quiet, whether in their rooms or the living room, they were quiet. My two younger girls like to sit in the upstairs hallway and play, their idea of playing is sneaking into mt bedroom and tear out all my school materials, drop items over the railing or wrestling at the top of the steps. They also have a bad habit of playing in water, so now each is supervised by ann older child because if not, we will be pulling out a yds. worth of toilet paper out of the sink.


It is not humorous to find that the last roll of toilet paper is soaking wet. Like I said, I've tried it all. This leaves me with no choice but to take the advice of my daughter and Dr to have a drink. It does not make you a bad Mom if having a drink unwinds you so that you too can enjoy a nice day or if the idea  of taking the kids outside makes you cringe, go for it. As long as the kids are safe, you don't intend to get stinkin' drunk, go for it.  I am taking that advice just because I can not relax while even in the back yard, no I will not neglect them but I will not say their names 400 times when they channel Evil Kinevel or a circus trapeze artist, I will keep tabs on them nor will allow them to intentionally get hurt. What I will do is let them be kids who are going to act silly and dangerous during play time and not make them a nervous wreck because that is unfair and will carry into their adult years and I don't want to be the basis of my kids years in therapy. I need a drink and I think this Friday is the day I will begin my relaxation and to let my kids just be kids.

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