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That's right. I am 1 of 5 finalist in the MIX 107.3 $50,000 Wedding in a Week contest. After submitting my entry, and barely making the deadline, I received a call while I was at work. Thinking I was in way over my head, I made it, and beat out nearly 300 other entrants. This is only the beginning. I NEED YOUR VOTES to be the WINNER.
• January 4th to January 21st – Contest Registration
• January 22nd – Finalists are chosen
January 22nd to January 28th – Voting period
• January 29th – Winners announced
• February 1st to 5th – Wedding Week
• February 5th – Wedding Day

Click on the link below to vote for Keonte' and Ian:

There's no shame in my game, and yes...I'm begging.

Voting ends January 28, 2010. Winner announced January 29, 2010 on the radio. For your pleasure, here's the poem I wrote (with swollen eyes, late at night):
Twas the night before the deadline, And all through the house,
Were computer keys-a-tapping,
And the clicking of the mouse.

On the screen was a story,
Of how they fell in love.
With hopes of winning a wedding,
She gave him a gentle shove.

"Do you remember our first date?
"What's the name of that place?"
With a look of complete annoyance,
He shrugged, and made and face.

"How am I to remember?
I was nervous to even speak."
And just like that their story
Was consumed by a huge DELETE.

"I'm starting over from scratch.
There's a story to be told.
And while I wish we had more time,
this contest has me sold."

She describes how they met.
Reminiscing on their high school days.
She recalls being swept off her feet.
She remembers his tender ways.

To her this was important.
To him this was a game.
But when she uttered fifty-thou,
His doubt was put to shame.

"If given the the opportunity,
We'd have the greatest day.
Imagine our families together.
Imagine not having to pay."

"We could start a new life-
Filled with promise and hope.
You know the kind we wish for?
The kind that always floats."

With a gaming remote in hand,
He nodded and happily obliged.
"Whatever you say my dear.
You know I'm on your side."

"I could pay my student loans.
We could honeymoon for free.
We could even invite our friends
To share a room or suite."

For years she dreamed of marriage,
But financially they'd never survive.
She was tired of being the bridesmaid.
It was time to be the bride.

She adjusted her posture upwardly,
Shoulders pulled back with grace.
"We should be the winners.
Let's show them we've come to race."

So why do we deserve this?
Why should we be the winners?
"Well first I want to be a wife,
So I can make him dinner."

"I want to share my love.
I want to share his name.
Our lives deserve some unity.
Our candle deserves a flame."

"There's no more playing pretend.
It's time to seal the deal.
Thirteen years is a long time.
This time let's play for real."

"Our son deserves a family
Whose bond cannot be broken.
Let's symbolize our love
With marriage as its token."

With her head rested on his shoulder,
She looks up, into his eyes.
"I'd give the world to be yours.
I want to be your wife."

And just like that he agrees,
To continue on this path.
Two hearts will become one.
It's easy to do the math.

His name is Ian Harvey.
Her name is Keonte' Smith.
And with this contest, they do pledge,
to live in wedded bliss.
I appreciate all the hardwork and dedication from my friends, family, and strangers who have voted. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.

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