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I should be cleaning, volunteering at my kid's school, feeding the poor...

What is the single biggest challenge you face as a working mother? According to Dr. Robi Ludwig, Butterfly mom and nationally known Psychotherapist, one of the biggest obstacles mothers face is not knowing how to take time out for themselves- without feeling guilty.


I listened attentively as Dr. Robi spoke to a room packed with 600 inspiring women this past week at the Go Red for Women fundraiser to create awareness and prevention of the number one killer in women, heart disease. Dr. Robi said clearly,  Stress can have a very negative impact on us and get far too many women to neglect their health and happiness in the process.  As we know, anything that increases our stress levels can also weaken our immune system.” It was as if I was catapulted on to Dr. Robi’s personal couch! She went on to say, “It’sthe guilt factor that gets even the most sophisticated, self-nurturer, to forgo their much needed time to replenish oneself.  It usually starts as a powerful little voice, from somewhere deep within. It rears its ugly head every now and again to say, “I shouldn’t be doing this.” “This is so self indulgent.” “I’m so selfish!” “I’m a really bad person.” “I should be cleaning my closets, feeding the poor, flying to Japan to help out the tsunami victims, while substituting at my kid’s school.”


Women’s lives are filled with more responsibilities and obligations now, than ever before. It’s not uncommon for women to stretch themselves too thin and to push themselves to the breaking point. Women now have successful careers and family lives. People count on and rely on us, which can be very flattering, but can also be very overwhelming at times.

Face it, we’re usually far better at taking care of others than we are of ourselves and it can get pretty darn tiring at times!! So, what stops us from taking time out for ourselves? Why is this so hard for us as women to do?“ Read more


Butterfly was invited to this most memorable Go Red event to learn from Dr. Robi and to introduce Emme, the first full-figured Supermodel and Butterfly Mom Mentor, as the keynote luncheon speaker.  Like Dr. Robi, Emme spoke about the importance of nourishing our souls, and added that body diversity and curves rule! One of Emme’s favorite quotes, and now mine too:


“It’s never too late to be what you could have been.” George Eliot




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