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I Shut My Mouth (With a Glue Gun)

I’m heavily involved in my town’s football program. My son is in the PeeWee division, going into 4th grade. Tonight was the first night of sizing kids for equipment. My son came with me.


■When he wanted to goof around playing football (no equipment on) with kids 3 and 4 years older than him, I shut my mouth.
■When I saw him “guarding” a kid forty pounds larger that him, I shut my mouth.
■When I saw him get tossed by another kid who was 6 inches taller than him, I shut my mouth.
■When I saw him begin to hang out by where I was working, I shut my mouth.

When we were relaxing before bed time tonight, he told me that one of the kids “straight armed” him (I didn’t know what it meant either, don’t feel bad) and that he wanted to cry, but “sucked it up”…….I shut my mouth.

Another milestone……he is sucking up the urge to cry. Now I’m the one that wants to cry….another piece of his “babyness” is fading away.

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