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This morning at 6:00 a.m. I was enjoying Mommyland, you know, sitting there on the couch, having just finished nursing my six month old, basically trying to clear my eyes, and get focused on what needs to be done during the day.

As I am sipping on my second cup of Java, watching the baby scoot across the floor, I had this awakening. Well, it wasn't like a boost of energy awakening, as that hasn't happened since before I was pregnant, but it was a 'man this baby has it good' awakening. It got me thinking...... wondering what it would be like to be an "Adult Baby"...... hmmmm.

Let's see.... If I were an adult baby:

I would awaken to warm oatmeal with bananas every morning. It would be the perfect consistency and the temperature would be 'lip tested', so as not to burn my mouth.

Life is good.

I wouldn't have to worry about what to wear, as my outfit would be freshly washed and picked out just for me. It would be the cutest, most up-to-date outfit. I would be expecting compliments from complete strangers on how absolutely adorable I look, and everyone would want to know where I bought it.

Life is good.

Mid morning I would feel my eyelids starting to get heavy, and even with people talking around me, I would quietly close them and fall fast asleep. No offense taken. People would actually be proud of me and rejoice that I had slipped away for a few moments of quiet time.

Life is good.

I would get to awaken on my own, and to my surprise, I wouldn't even have to make my way to the bathroom. Fresh undies are delivered right to me.

Life is good.

Once I am feeling clean and tidy, out of nowhere I get a delivery of a cool tasty beverage. I sip on this a while as I mingle among family and friends. Laughing, cooing, oohing, aahing.

Life is good.

Ooops! Time for another high-fashion wardrobe change.

I get a burst of energy as I play with the most sought-after toys....ones with fast motors, blinking lights, and vibrating movements. Things I can hit, stomp, slap, and pound. People actually say, "Yeah!" when I nearly destroy something. When I grow restless of one, I am handed another. Always a new toy. Always a celebration.

Life is good.

It's Thanksgiving at every meal, consisting of warm turkey with apples, corn casserole, and mixed fruit. My bib sports the embroidared message, "I am in charge here!" and I really am. I know this because when I scream, people actually listen.

Life is good.

As the day comes to an end, someone runs me a warm bath, lets me splash around, and then gives me a massage with lavendar lotion.

Life is good.

The sun goes down and I decide, on my own time, that I am ready for a good night's sleep. I am warm in my PJs, my tummy is full, and I even get quiet soothing music to help me drift off. I reflect on how wonderful everyone was to me, on all the hugs and kisses I got throughout the day. Once again, everyone seems trilled that I am enjoying this 'me time'.

As always, life is good.

Babies are such precious gifts, so much fun to have around. They are a lot of work, but they bring a lot of joy. They are full of demands and for our own sanity, we meet those demands.

Let's face it, for a baby, life is good.

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