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 I am trying to teach my son as many things (that I felt needed) as possible. Once I thought, whatever I know, I will teach my son. Whatever things that I felt good, will tell him, he will decide whether he will follow those or not.

Reality and your planning can't go 100% the same. The real world is more beautiful, more interesting and gives you more trouble than you can ever think of.

Sometimes when I try to teach him something, but he gets that totally wrong. Let me give you an example. When I divide any food, I always took to the worse one, a small one. I thought my son will learn from me that when he picks something, he should give better ones to others and took the worse ones for himself. One day when my son was distributing food, he gave me the worse one! He learnt from me that I should have the worse thing!

My son uses to believe in my suggestion without any doubt, till he became 12. Now a day, he thinks, many times I am not giving him the right decision. I can assume, later he might think, all my suggestions are wrong.

I am having doubt, will I be able to teach him, as I wanted to?

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