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I was a GOOD boy this year, Father Christmas...

"I was a GOOD boy this year, Father Christmas... Now give me my present!" Not quite the words coming from Aidan as he sat on the FAT mans lap, it was more of a case of, "DUUUDE! I have never seen such a
big grey beard like that before, are you sure it's real? if only i could
reach it and give it a pull... But alas, my arms aren't long enough to
get over this Fat belly!"
Oh well i guess i'll have to take his word for it!

Anyway besides not feeling totally 100% of my normal self we still had a great time at daddy's work with all the other children,
even my friend Tyrone was there with aunty Gerry and uncle Kevin and his
granny and grampa... there was so much food and things to see but my
favourite part has got to be my funny bloon doggy that the nice fairy
lady made for me, it looked like Aimee, ooooh yes and when i opened my
present and saw a cool truck...
Man, it's sooooooo cool, its a blue tow truck with a red bumper and green tow hitch, but the reason it's
super cool, has to be the tinted windows, i think i'm so cool cause i
have a car, Wah wah wah wah wah!
well bye for now i'm going to go and have my nap and then when i wake up i'm gonna play with my truck...

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