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If Child Internet Protection is Your Priority, Monitor Their Online Behavior Digitally

Last month I was randomly searching for interesting articles on Internet, when I came across some shocking facts. I had no idea that revenge porn was so common. According to the Cyber Civil Right Initiative there are a number of teens suffering from revenge porn sites and most of victims are teenage girls. I’m a tech savvy person and always try to figure out a digital solution so I tested a parental app to ensure child Internet protection.

You must know!

Revenge porn sites are the digital way of sexual assault among youth these days. It’s no longer an uncommon trend because according to the research 1 in 10 people are threatened by their ex-partners that they would expose their photos online. Not only pictures, personal information, work address, home address, social media info all are commonly used for the harassment.

Your kids could be victims or they can also do the same. In both of the situations you definitely can’t let it happen. Victims could suffer emotional distress, anxiety and it may lead them to substance abuse as well. Let’s have a look at the infographic by Cyber Civil Right Initiative showing the results of a survey on how common it is today and what impacts it might have.

According to this infographic 93% of the victims have experienced emotional stress, and depression, and 49% of those have been harassed and stalked online. To ensure a protected online experience for your kids it is better to monitor which Web sites they visit the most and their entire browsing history. For this parental control software could help easily.

An app that could help

I found a digital solution for these threats of extensively digital world. I tried an app FamilyTime to check how well a parental app can actually support the parents.

It worked satisfactorily and I would like to share how it can work for you.

You can:

• Check their Web browsing history
• Check most visited sites
• Access bookmarks and favorites
• View the most-visited websites

Defend kids’ from online jeopardy

When you’ll have a complete check on kid’s online activities and entire browsing history it could be far easier for you to ensure child Internet protection. In this regard I had a smooth experience with FamilyTime and I would suggest you too to restrict porn and other questionable sites smartly; with this economical app.

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