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If You’re Suffering Through Toddler Sleep Regressions, I’m With You

A few weeks ago, Ricky went through a week or two of sleep regression. Every night, bedtime became a battle. Compared to our usual routine, this was tough. Every night, he cried and screamed until we would let him lay down in our bed. Which then became the goof around in mama and daddy’s bed hour. And then he’d go to bed, but wake up over and over and over again.

Patiently, we waited for his sleep to return to normal. And it did. But I have to say, I don’t know how parents with non-sleepers do it. Because when Ricky doesn’t sleep, we don’t sleep. Not only that, but we didn’t get any time to unwind after a long day, because…non-sleeping two year old. No quiet time at the end of the day doesn’t mix well with my brain. Seriously.

Things went back to normal, and I thought we were done with the whole regression issue. And then last night, it happened again....Continue reading at The Mommyhood Project

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