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Now I have discovered a few things about myself that I'm sure I never
knew before, things like how I now find it the funniest thing in the
world when someone farts, I mean I finds it so funny that even when half
asleep when someone farts I will burst out laughing(now if that doesn't
scream "I'M A BOY!" i don't know what does...) but not only does that
make the giggles come spilling out of me, it's also the fact that I have
now found the Lost ark... " Mom, Dad, i have news for you... i have
a... i have a WINKY! YAY ME!!!" i just want to play and play and play,
even when mommy tries her hardest to keep my hands away- particularly
when my nappy is being changed, because that's when my fingers end up
with more nappy cream than my bum and bits do... the other day when it
was sooo hot, mommy and aunty pip (i mean Robyn)got my old baby bath- i
say old because now I'm a big boy and my legs are to long to fit so i
use the big boy bath- and put some water in it for me to swim in- Yes i
said swim, you see my mommy and daddy don't love me enough to buy my a
pool, those cheap skates- Anyway so now I'm sitting outside in the nice
sunny weather in my "pool" but I'm to busy discovering all that i can
about my new appendage that i don't care about splashing and enjoying
the cool water over my Buddha belly! but then the thought goes through
my head, "if i stare at it too much will it fall off? Hmmmm these are
the things that haunt me! anyway i think I'll have to just check up on
it at the next nappy change..." Hey hey hey mom guess what... it's still
there, woohoo woohoo woohoo, I'm gonna play with it, and I'm gonna
stare at it, and I'm gonna name it, i think I'll call you 'Stealth Ninja
Man' why you ask? well it's because he disappears when mommy puts my
nappy on but is there when she takes it off again, so there you have
it... 'Stealth Ninja Man'

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