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A complete and total techie geek. I research every thing to death and it takes me forever to find the perfect camera, camcorder, laptop, phone, gaming system, car, you name it.

It’s in my blood, I can’t help it. My dad is an engineer and I inherited this disfunction. There is no cure for it that I know of.

My new bug is finding the perfect camcorder. It’s gotta have a hard drive base storage system and it’s gotta be small. I’ll get back to you when I’ve found the perfect one.

Up till now though I have had the cellphone bug. In a big way. You name the phone, I had it. I average about 2 new phones a year. Sometimes it’s because I just wasn’t happy with the phone. Other times it was completely mommy related….

Like the time my son dropped the phone in the toilet. And I’m not using him as a scapegoat….this is totally true. I swear on my awesome NEW phone! Read More >>

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