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I’m So Proud of the Things My Husband Teaches My Son!

My son is 9 now and if I had started blogging way back in 2000 when he was born, I would have had a great diary of memorable stories about him.

I tried to keep a diary when he was younger so that I wouldn’t forget….but then I lost the diary. I’m sure it’s buried at the bottom of the closet in my office here at home…but that’s a post all on it’s own.

Anyway, I’m sitting here now at the end of the non-stop part of my day (um from 5 this morning until 5:30 pm) and sipping my Free Monday Iced Mocha from McDonalds. (Yum, I might add!) and thinking about some of the things that really made me laugh.

My husband and I don’t travel well together. Not because we don’t get along, but because we just drive differently. I have a lead foot and I like to listen to music pretty loudly. I don’t like the windows open when it’s humid out, because I can’t deal with the frizzy mess my hair becomes. I also don’t use the horn and I don’t let other drivers annoy me.

The way I see it, if other drivers are rude, cut me off or even flip me off, so be it. Let them get all worked up over it. Once they get to their final destination they are someone else’s cranky problem, not mine.

The problem?......... Read more........

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