Image editing tools that both Instagram marketers and web designers find useful

Launching in 2010 Spring, over the last eight years, Instagram has grown as one of the most powerful and lively social media platforms. For marketers and promoters, Instagram is now a default promotional platform, not to be overlooked.

 The growth of this image-sharing social networking platform has outpaced all other top competitors in the last few years. Moreover, Instagram has also found to have the most dedicated users who come on to this platform regularly, loyally. All these makes Instagram the demographic sweet spot for advertisers.

 The most reassuring elements for marketers on Instagram is that this place consists of younger and educated consumer force who are interested in brands and business. Data shows that the users on Instagram are more open to the brand interactions too compared to the other social networking sites.

 Advertising on Instagram

 The reassuring fact for marketers is that premium advertising is also open on Instagram now, but restricted to those who have a budget of $200,000 spent. However, this further reassures that Instagram will soon unroll the options for advertising to all in the coming years. Even if you are not planning to advertise by paying, you can make use of Instagram as a great marketing channel if done properly.

 A few facts about Instagram

 When compared to other leading social media platforms, Instagram is comparatively a younger company, which was recently taken over by Facebook. However, the growth of it was exponential even while keeping the game simple. Instagram has mastered what it does and knew it well. A few other quick facts are:


  • The name Instagram is a combination of “Instant Photograph” and “Telegram.”
  • Instagram is a mobile-focused app.
  • The deal of Facebook to purchase Instagram back in 2012 was of $1 billion, just after two years it had launched.
  • In the immediate next year after this purchase, Instagram had a 50% growth, and since then it is the fastest growing social media platform.
  • Instagram has now reached closed to 400 million users daily.

Marketers’ delight

 As discussed above, Instagram users are younger and growing so fast.

  •  As most of the Instagram users like to buy, they are slowly rolling out e-commerce.
  • Researchers show that Instagram users are engaging highly with brand content.
  • More than 50% of Instagram users are highly educated.
  • Mostly women use Instagram compared to men.


Some quick strategies for Instagram


  • Designers/marketers should come up with custom themes for your content and maintain a consistent visual style to spread your brand image than posting random cool content.
  • Have a clear-cut plan for timing posts to be in line with the vents. Launch, seasons, market conditions everything can be made the base of your posting schedule.
  • Combine the themes and events to campaigns to engage the users. You can think of introducing Instagram content and hashtag promotions for more engagement.
  • The key to success on Instagram posting is to combine the hashtags with images creatively.
  • One should also integrate the Instagram API on to your web pages.
  • Keep track of the Instagram metrics, hashtags, and try to explore all useful analytics with Instagram tools.
  • Instagram is a reservoir of user-generated content, which you should efficiently use in your promotional campaigns or to buy Instagram likes.


Creating unique Instagram images for promotions

 Instagram filters put forth countless options for you to prepare a likable Instagram image for posting. With a simple click, Instagram can now add a whole new charm to even your amateur picks to make them good marketing content. However, Instagram filters are only available in the app, so if you work on desktop, you have to think of some alternate styling tools to get photos unique. Here, we will discuss a couple of such tools which can give your Instagram images the cool new look.

  1.  Wix Image Editor

 You can use Wix to make your images more. There is a built-in editor which gives you several options to edit or enhance your images in easy steps. You can directly do it while you are working on the site. For Instagram images, adding photos to your Wix site is the simplest way to leverage a large selection of effects.


  1. Photoshop

 With unlimited options in Photoshop, you can manually achieve the most desired glow and charm to your images to be further posted on Instagram. For one who has expertise in the usage and features of this world's mightiest photo editing tool, it is much easier and faster option to enjoy optimum freedom while editing.

 Apart from these two, there are many online photos editing tools too which you can use for quick photo editing.

 As you can see, Instagram is one of the most powerful social networking channels now with its attractive and responsive user base, where the brands can showcase optimum creativity to engage their users and get some easy instant conversions.


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