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Imaginative Play

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My kids love imaginative play. Pretending a section of the floor is lava that they must get around, saving a stuffed animal from ‘danger’, Princess Rapunzel fighting off an invading dinosaur are all things they come up with. Almost anything can be used in imaginative play, boxes, toys, rocks, dress up clothes…you name it.

They especially love being able to dress up. It’s not uncommon to see a superhero, princess, ballerina, or storm trooper walking around. The problem I’ve found is that costumes are expensive. They can be found on sale at Halloween but it’s gotten to where they are so picked through there’s not much of a selection or I can’t find the right size.

The kids are kind of funny when it comes to the material of costumes. My son will typically wear a costume for about 10 minutes max and then it’s itchy or annoying him.

I don’t know about you but, from what I have found a lot of Halloween costumes aren’t exactly quality material. I haven’t bought “cheap” ones either, these have come from well-known stores like the Disney Princess one I had to wash and then the bottom seam was all tattered and coming apart.

Both kids have gone through recent growth spurts and so a lot of their old costumes aren’t fitting anymore. They both asked for capes, the towels they were using weren’t staying on while they were trying to play. This not only annoyed them, but I had to stop every 3 minutes to try and re-adjust/fix it. I went online to do a search and see what I could find, initially thinking I would try and make it.


Little Adventures

I came across Little Adventures and fell in love with their selections, not to mention their affordability. They have the most adorable princess dresses! Including a Cinderella Day Dress that I have never seen anywhere else.

[caption id="attachment_898" align="aligncenter" width="181"]Cinderella Day dress Cinderella Day Dress from Little Adventures[/caption]


My favorite part though, was the selection of heroes and adventure. There are capes and tutu’s that will appeal to girls, as well as capes, knight costumes, and crusader costumes that boys will love. Did I mention dragon wings and capes with swords? They have those too!

Sword and Shield Set - Red

There’s also a wide variety of mask that you can purchase to mix and match.

[caption id="attachment_899" align="aligncenter" width="175"]Mask from Little Adventures Screen Shot of Mask available at[/caption]


I purchased two capes (they came with mask), one for each kid.

Capes from

It didn’t take long at all for me to receive them. They kids were ecstatic!



The quality of them impressed me a lot. I sort of expected just a piece of material made into a cape. This was a finished product. There outside it a velvet type material but the inside lining is a smooth satin like material. There is velcro on the front to attach the sides. The fantastic thing about this is that a lot of times with capes that tie the kids wind up “choking” and that hasn’t happened. The velcro holds securely but comfortably.


Super flash

So far, these have held up very well. They have been worn a lot! I have constantly had people stop me to tell me how cute they are or ask where I got it.

Playing outside, little adventures,

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Benefits of Imaginative Play


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