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In his blog posting today, time was the main reference. He referred to time being a 'yesterday', a 'now',
and a 'tomorrow', and that time is a really just a number and we should not let it be a main focus of our lives, especially when it means we let traumatic past events determine how we perceive the now. Our main focus should be the present and the future, and we should forget about the past whether it be good or bad. Forget? The Bad and the Good? That's right. I was going along with some of what was said until I got to the part that read,

"Which may cause you to ask yourself, what about the beautiful things of the past? What about the incredible, miraculous, kind, loving, wonderful events that have already happened? Guess what... they don't exist either."

You see, my thinking goes something like this...

I am who I am today based on the events of my past, whether they be good or bad. Any bad events (lucky that I haven't experienced too many traumatic events), would hopefully help me to become a better, stronger person in the now and future. Living only in the 'now' is simply not a realistic , nor healthy in my opinion, way to live one's life.

The posting makes reference to time being a major focus of our life and to some point, I agree with that. Time does tend to be a dictator of sorts, but I really don't think there is any getting around that. We can learn to manage it, but time is not going away.

My main problem with time, is there simply is not enough of it. We rush, rush, rush, trying to fit everything into a given time frame. We push ourselves to try and meet deadlines, or we have to pick the kids up by a certain time and then get them to practice by the scheduled time. I put the brownies in the oven for the directed length of time and then I take them out right before it's time to put the kids to bed. I have said many times, "If only there was more time in a day."

I think it's time I move on to my next point.

Forget about the good.

Are you kidding me?

If I forgot about the good, that means events such as the ones below would not exist:

  • enjoying the swimming pool as a child ( I still think about it when I open a bag of barbecue chips)
  • the best ice cream desserts with my grandparents (always nuts and whipped cream)
  • spending weekends with my dad (shopping trips and dinners out)
  • graduating from college, getting my master's degree
  • my wedding day (all the planning, the ceremony, guests, and the 'I do')
  • finding out I was expecting my kids and then the births (such excitement)
  • buying the houses I have lived in
  • the list goes on and on
For many of these events I actually have photographs to help me remember. Photos can capture a moment in time. I have photos of my college graduation, my wedding, my kids birth and their stages of life. These are moments I never want to forget. They are happy moments of my past. If we throw out the past, that means every happy photo one has ever taken should be thrown out too. If a fire were to start in my house and I had to grab one materialistic possession, it would be my big box of photos. Why? Because this box captures the past, so I can remember it in the now and the future.

If you are a follower of Single Dad Laughing's blog, you are familiar with the fact that he is a photographer. He takes awesome photos!! He captures the events of his life, his son's, and shares these past events with his blog followers. Is it now time to put up the camera? Are life events no longer worthy of capturing... freezing this moment in time? I would like to think not. It's just a point to think about..... playing 'devil's advocate', so to speak.

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