(Originally published at Degrees of Maternity on January 5, 2023.)

One of my main goals in 2023 is to get you to write. I guess I’m somewhat selfish in this undertaking, because writing is my jam. And in a way, I would love for it to be everyone’s jam. It makes ME happy, so certainly it should make you happy, as well. Right?

I mean . . . I’m all about the “sharing is caring”. So, why not incentivize others to write. And, that focus was certainly some of what I busied myself with in 2022. Even got started on a blogging series on  “incentivizing the writer.”

But the answer to the question above is “no, not necessarily.” Writing doesn’t have to make you happy in the sense that it makes me happy. And I know you want me to, but I’m not about to go into all the ways I love writing in this blog post. I’m trying to keep my focus on YOU today, so stop getting me off track. Hee. Hee.

On that note, I have to remember that the way I see writing is not how EVERYONE else sees writing. In fact, some individuals downright dislike the activity in some of its forms. And I totally get it, because writing case studies, writing white papers, and drafting up minutes can be some of those less enjoyable forms of writing.

Wait a minute. Did I just inadvertently do the old switch-a-roo from you to me and reveal one of my deep-seated writing woes?

Hey, I didn’t mean to, but inserting myself into the narrative just comes naturally to me. I like to share. And by the way, writing dry stuff like the examples mentioned above is one of my un-favorite things when it comes to the written word. (Ugghh, I don’t like reading them either.) But you might, so no disrespect intended.

Now, back on topic to YOU and writing and incentivizing you to write.

Writing serves people in different ways. It can be used in or as someone’s livelihood, it can be a pastime/downtime activity, it can be used to bridge a communication gap, it can be used to keep the daily functioning of life in operation, and so on and so forth.

Furthermore, writing was used at our earliest, formative years to teach us how to communicate and is one of those core skills you utilized in every other subject you took in school. It’s that lifelong companion that keeps giving and giving if you don’t ignore its importance.

You absolutely can’t get away from it, because writing is found everywhere you go and in something that you do each and every day. You might as well get used to it; writing is a part of life.

And without knowing your likes and dislikes when it comes to writing, there’s one thing I do know about YOU and writing. I know . . .

a writing topic that you can totally latch onto. In fact, you already have a lot of knowledge and experience in this topic. Look. Let me just applaud you right now and emphatically say that you’re THEE #1 expert at this topic and can probably lay down some written tracks on this topic pretty effortlessly. As a matter of fact, when it comes to writing about this topic, I bet it’ll never be dry or boring to you.

The topic?


In other words, it’s writing with you in mind.

2023 marks the beginning of our deep dive into written self-reflection, healing through writing, and using writing to build better communication in relationships.

As I stated in my first Degrees of Maternity blog post of 2023, entitled READ THIS! I’ve Cracked the Code for My 2023 Online Outlook, you’re in for some actionable content — content that’s going to call you to writing action. So, I might as well start this new outlook off with a bang and give you your first action-oriented assignment right now.

ASSIGNMENT: I need for you to contact 2 to 3 people you know who can benefit from a little writing therapy to improve his or her relationship with self and others and invite those individuals to check out this exciting new journey we’ll all be going on together, here at Degrees of Maternity.

I can’t wait to see you back here next week and to meet my new travelling companions you’re going to introduce me to in the near future.

Until then . . .

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