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"Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes." -Hugh Prathe

It seems like that is the theme of my life these days. "Change". It seems more constant than anything else. There is no more normal, just the "New Normal".

While it has been over five years since my ex-husband and I separated, and it has been 2 years since our divorce was finalized, it only seems as if in the last year have I found my "normal again".

That is until this school year started. (For most of you this will seem small, but for me it is big) First, "reality check" is hitting me pretty hard. My oldest son is a junior in high school. (We all know what comes next).....Senior year then graduation! Ikes....he is going to be leaving soon! (That is creating all kinds of panic in my mind, and sadness in my heart) youngest son (8 years old) started riding the school bus this year. Now I must admit I tried to talk him out of it. There is this amazing peace that comes over you when you can see with your own eyes that your son has walked into the school safely. You know for certain he is fine and ok. Now as I walk him to the school bus stop (several feet behind him, so his friends don't tease him), I have to remind myself of a few things.....

Independence is the goal! Every step they take to that place of independence is a victory! They don't belong to me. I am just responsible for them. While each step away from me they take feels a little sad, I can't help but smile, they are awesome kids growing into amazing young adults.

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