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Well, this is for all the bloggy mommy's in the northeastern part of the United States braving Hurricane Sandy! In this type of weather children may usually get bored and find it hard to deal with, as a mom you need to find ways to keep them entertained. As of right now I am currently cooking a delicious pot of rice with a side dish of meat, while my four-year old daughter, Giselle is currently playing with a list of activities that I came up with to keep her day full. My two month old Niomae is a little easier to handle on a every day basis.

First was breakfast in bed for both girls... around 10 am in the morning. "Little Giselle" had her coloring books and crayons with her toy box ready for playtime. I generally don't have to do much.. she is very independent in her playtime. She also has a love for games, so of course I found myself sharing my laptop from time to time. She is into Dora Explorer games and plant vs zombies. Second lunch time around 12 noon and she is allowed only 1 hour of TV time, very limited due to my strictness. After 2 pm its nap time for her which is easy, gives me time to clean up and setup for dinner. Once everyone wakes up from their nap time dinner is served... from there a few snacks and dessert. Maybe a movie and bath time, which she likes to take some of her toys with her... she usually is tired and falls a sleep around 9:30 pm.

By this time I am exhausted and resume cleaning and straighten up the house for the next day.. I also check my business, post on my blog and finish up any assignments I need to complete for school. Me and my fiance share some quality time and catch an episode of supernatural, (huge fans of Dean and Sam) and then call it in around 12 midnight. I think you can say almost a normal day just but, with no out-door time. I send my prayers to all those experiencing Hurricane Sandy, here in Philadelphia, PA, we had insane rain and winds but nothing to harsh. Checking out ladies and sending my prayers...

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