Industries Where Wearable's Have Had a Major Impact

Technological advancement has brought about a world of changes, but it hasn’t yet erased the need for human employees. However, it has most certainly changed the way they work. Thanks to automation, the need for mundane and repetitive jobs has been eliminated across numerous industries thereby allowing professionals to concentrate on their work. For instance, rather than recording and processing thousands of invoices by hand, employees have the option of using a portal for paying vendors and invoicing clients as all payments can be made electronically. Thus, the employees only have to manage payments instead of having to put in hard labor for making them happen.

For a long, long time, wearable technology has been associated with the fitness industry, but with the introduction of new wristbands and augmented-reality glasses such as Google Glass and various other wearables, there is a horde of ways for helping employees work better. A number of industries have made it a practice to start using wearable technology because of the benefits these devices can offer. Some of the notable industries where wearables have had the most impact are:

Law Enforcement

For police officers, doing their jobs daily requires putting their life on the line. When officers arrive at crime scenes or pull over a driver, it is vital for them to have information on all parties involved. Previously, the only way to do so was to use in-car laptops that officers use for manually entering in a license plate number and then wait for the information to be accessed. With wearables, this is made a lot easier as criminal information has been streamlined so officers can get access to it very quickly. This can go a long way in preventing confrontations or other dangerous situations from happening and can be useful in apprehending criminals for preventing future crimes.


Perhaps the biggest beneficiary of wearables is the healthcare industry. Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show, companies come up with something interesting that can disrupt the healthcare space big time. Wearables are already being used for tracking vitals of patients as well as other information about their blood pressure and even body temperature. Apart from that, there has also been an introduction of autism wearables and anxiety wearables. All of these have been found immensely handy for treating patients in a better and more effective way.


Whether you are a college athlete or an Olympian, wearables can definitely be helpful in performance measurement, which is crucial in this industry.Initially, the devices made were a bit bulky and large so they got in their way. However, great improvements and developments have been made since then and now compact and powerful wearables can easily be found for measuring the performance of athletes and other sportsmen. In fact, they can also be useful in monitoring the progress of an injured athlete during the rehabilitation process and can even be beneficial in preventing injuries.


In the education sector, people have already turned their attention to tablets for replacing textbooks. In the case of wearable technology, there have been some major developments and it is expected that augmented-reality glasses may eventually be introduced in classrooms. Students will be able to use them for recording classes and doing playbacks later for revision purposes. However, the most exciting of all advancements is virtual reality (VR). Virtual field trips might become a reality and enable children to explore museums and other important sites they read about in books, which assists in learning.

Thus, it is safe to say that wearables are proving to be and will continue to be revolutionary for a plethora of industries.

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