And 5 hours alone.

I haven’t shopped for a bra, in I don’t know how long and was not looking forward to it. But I couldn’t ignore the ragged straps any longer.

I am not a big shopping fan. Truth be told, I can’t stand it and if I ever become independently wealthy, I would cheerfully pay someone a hefty sum to do this hateful chore for me.

But as my current income dictates, for now, Ho Hum…I must shop for myself.

Wal-Mart should have what I’m looking for and I can food shop at the same time. I’m practical if nothing else.

So I set off on my hated Bra Quest. Dragging my feet in a perfect rendition of my son’s
I don’t wanna foot drag.

Isles searched. Bra found. Off to the dressing room. Then, oh joy, on to the canned goods.

Fighting with hangers and tags, I shrugged out of the old and slipped carefully into the new.

Shifting The Girls into place, I turned to look in the mirror.

Hey…what’s this?

When I tried on the bra, I was amazed.

Amazed that the lift was not only showing on the gals, (oh how the mighty have fallen) but also in my spirits.

I quickly put my tee back on and noticed that it had a definite bounce that it didn’t have before. Wow! What a difference a bra can make!

This cool bra was $9.50 and can be worn five different ways to Sunday and if I don’t strangle myself, it will be a good time.

After playing wannabe stripper poser in the mirror for a good three minutes, I realized that the only thing left for me to do was….to buy matching underwear to go with my bra ($8.00).

I was really starting to warm to this whole non-food shopping thing. Must be the heat.

I had a sudden urge to flash someone. Where is David Letterman when you need him? Whoa…. look at that! T-shirts and underwear aren’t just for sleeping anymore. Who knew?

I then ventured on over to T.J. Max (I needed a new bag to go with my bra). Could heat stroke affect your brain?

Found a big gorgeous black-go-with-anything-anytime-bag for $15.99. Then I bought a pair of earrings for my bra at $5.50.

Thinking that I was almost feeling as good as a new haircut but not quite willing to walk into a salon for an impulse Doo, I did the next best thing and stopped over at Target and scooped up the most delicious Lime/Mango smelling shampoo, conditioner and hair goo for $21.00. The matching sample lotion was free with the purchase. Whoohooo! Lucky day!

My bra also needed a neutral citrus lip-gloss ($2.50).

I practically skipped home to take a shower.

My purchases in total were way under $ 75.00 but I felt like a million bucks that day.

It has been so long since I fed my Inner Girl and in these economic times, I normally wouldn’t even consider spending that much on anything other than food or basic necessities but, you know what? This was a necessity! Damn it.

The rich feeling lingered. Evidently, a happy me equals a happy everything else and I didn’t even have to break the bank! I have forgotten how important it is to spruce and tend your internal garden every now and then.

Now where is my speech?…um…uh…oh here it is: Ahem: My bra would like to thank the plastic makers of credit cards everywhere for making this whole peppy and uplifting experience possible.

What more could a bra ask for?

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Comment by Gutsy Living on August 16, 2009 at 10:43pm
Expensive bra! Even more than at Victoria's Secret. But you're happy and that's what counts.

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