Promotion on Instagram is the main goal of most users since a large number of followers guarantee the attraction of advertising funds. Many companies involved in SMM, began to specialize in the promotion of this social network because it is gaining increasing popularity and guarantees a high return on the money spent on promotion.

Promotion of Instagram

Initially, Instagram was created as a service for uploading photos with minimal processing options, but very quickly it became a full-fledged social network with the ability to communicate, comment, create posts…

Such fast-growing popularity has attracted the attention of businessmen to the application since promotion on Instagram has become an effective marketing tool.

Promotion on Instagram allows you to make a profit in the following ways:

  • popular accounts contribute to the growth of sales of goods and services of its owner;
  • attract advertising budgets of third-party business;
  • earn by promoting pages for money;
  • work with content in corporate accounts.

The advantages of Instagram as an advertising platform are related to the maximum visibility of the advertised product and service: the service does not imply extended descriptions but focuses on beautiful photos. The ability to comment allows a potential buyer to ask all his questions on a particular product or service and instantly get an answer.

The effectiveness of advertising on Instagram is much higher than in other social networks.

Is it possible to promote your account yourself?

Creating an account from scratch for business purposes, users are usually not ready to invest heavily in promotion, so they are concerned about how to promote Instagram on their own. You can easily use Instagram services such as Iigers.

How to increase the popularity of your Instagram profile?

Tips for self-promotion are fairly simple, but the user must understand that the promotion of the account is thorough and systematic work.

The main thing you need to pay attention to:

  • Avatar should be beautiful and informative - no cats and flowers;
  • Page address on the social network - associated with the promoted company or product;
  • Thematic words should be clear to the target audience;
  • In the description put the goods and services;
  • The page should be linked to a Facebook profile, in which case its owner will be able to track the attendance dynamics.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the published photos, there should be a lot of them, and they should have a competent description

To advance on Instagram, it is important to correctly choose popular hashtags, before including them in the description, you should find out how often such a request is made in search engines.

Step-by-step promotion instructions

The popularity of Instagram has contributed to the emergence of numerous programs and online services to promote your account. They differ in the set of proposed features and cost of use.

Method 1: programs for promotion

A page promotion program can make life easier for the user if used correctly and follow some recommendations:

During the first month, you should fill the profile with high-quality content - photos, videos, and stickers.

Each program for promotion is accompanied by step-by-step instructions that should be studied. The main thing to pay attention to is the number of possible actions per day because when the time limits are exceeded, the page will be sent to the ban.

  • make direct mailing;
  • work with multiple accounts;
  • filter followers;
  • keep statistics.

Method 2: promotion services

Professional account promotion is much more expensive than using Instagram ads, but its efficiency is incomparably higher. Promotional specialists will help not only increase the number of followers but also give recommendations on the published content or take on this function, including the preparation of photos for publication.

Of course, not all Instagram users can afford professional promotion from Instagram advertising agencies, but with the growth of the business scale, investing money in such promotion certainly makes sense.

The Instagram audience has exceeded a billion users worldwide. It is not surprising that to invent an original nickname in such conditions is not easy. But interesting, well-remembered nicknames for Instagram is a guarantee of success for users who seek to attract followers, promote their pages and make them a launching pad for good money.

Nick categories for Instagram

A username (nickname) is a profile presentation, it's a business card. With it, other users get a general idea of a person. It is the nickname that makes the profile recognizable and highlights among millions of others. It can be typical, mysterious, provocative, impudent, cheerful, whatever.

Curiously, a fictional name can tell something about a person. Usernames are chosen most often by young frivolous coquette girls or sentimental, refined ladies.

Confident users who know their value will most likely choose loud aliases: @best_of_the_best, @mr_president, and others.

Standard style options: @nina1987, @5miriam, @andrew are devoid of creativity. But behind such nicknames are often hidden serious real people, realists who will not impersonate another person. Unlike, for example, users who follow to the names of favorite literary characters, actors and performers (@jane_air, @spearsbreatny, @egorkreed131, @neo).

Mandatory Requirements

When filling in the “Username” field when creating a new account, you should follow a few basic rules:

In Instagram, all names are written in Latin letters, without capital letters.

The social network allows the use of a limited number of characters. These are numbers, dots, and underscores. They can be used to separate multiple words of a nickname, because spaces, slash (forward - / and reverse - \) and ampersand (&) are prohibited.

Nickname cannot exceed 30 characters. The shorter it is, the easier it is to remember and write it.

Instagram doesn't allow to use the words “follow” and “like” in nicknames, as well as swear words.

Nickname is prohibited to use domain names or web addresses.

The nickname for Instagram should be relevant and consistent with the profile concept. For example, the nickname @sexy_lady will look very strange on the page of a young mother telling about conscious motherhood. If you need help, you can browse this page for inspiration.

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