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intelliGLASS Smarter Screen Protector Review & Giveaway

I never really considered the value of a screen protector, until last month when my husband dropped his phone while our kids played at the fountains. It wasn't even a major drop, he was seated and the phone fell out of his pocket. But, as mild a drop as I considered it to be, that didn't stop the upper area of the screen from cracking.

His phone still works well, but to keep it from shattering more, he immediately bought a screen protector at a local store. Not the best quality, but it gets the job done...for now anyway!

Now that I know better, I wanted screen protectors for all of our phones and tablets. Good screen protection, not the low quality protectors that come with our devices. At the store, none of the screen protectors looked as if they could withstand the abuse my children may put them through, so I just bought them better cases. But, of course I hopped on the opportunity to try intelliGLASS free!!! This way, if it's worth it, I'll buy it for my kids too!

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