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Interesting Information about Inflatable Bouncy Castles

Many parents are opting to rent bouncy castles for their children due to their amazing features such as climbing walls, slides as well as the rise in quality and affordable prices. With an extensive range of prices for high quality units, there is something for everyone.

Bouncy castles are fun and safe alternatives to play sets, garden slides and trampolines. They can be categorized as residential or commercial bouncy castles. Residential bouncy castles are smaller and constructed from various materials. However, some are manufactured according to the same standards as commercial sets.

Functionality of Bouncy Castles

  • Bouncy castles are laid out with a blower attached, usually at the back of the inflatable. Blowers constantly run to push the air into the jumping castle. Air is slowly released through the fabric and seams of the castle. This is achieved on the basis of constant flow that allows air to constantly go in as it as leaks out naturally.
  • Bowers are usually powered by electricity and vary in power according to the size and quality required or the castle.
  • It is crucial to check on the bouncy castle’s weight limit to make sure it will be able to maintain inflation with a specific number of children as required for the usage.
  • Overloading an inflatable bouncy castle can lead to damaging the unit or participants hitting the ground when the blower is unable to inflate the unit with adequate pressure to retain a safe level of inflation.
  • Choose quality products to ensure that a good user weight is maintained.

Common Features

Bouncy castles typically have numerous features that include the area reserved for jumping or bouncing, obstacles to crawling between slides and obstacles to crawling under and climbing obstacles. Some inflatables may include additional features like inflatable basketball hoops that consist of play balls.

Key Considerations

  • While looking for a bouncy castle for rent, check the specification and model to make sure that it is ideal for your needs.
  • Quality inflatables are long lasting and can withstand years of domestic and commercial usage.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines keenly and ensure that weight and specific user limits are always adhered to.
  • Make sure the inflatable is properly secured to the ground. Inflatables usually come with ground anchors and you should be cautious with inflatables that cannot be fixed to the ground. Anchorage prevents the risk of or high or strong winds that can pick the bouncy castle up.
  • Bouncy castles are generally safe products for everyone when usage instructions and guidelines are followed.

Quick Tips

A well-designed bouncy castle is designed and built to last. They can sustain several years of recreational use. Using a jumping castle appropriately can further extend its life.

  • Follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.
  • Stick to the weight limit.
  • Stick to the user limit.
  • Make sure the jumping castle is secured to the ground.
  • No shoes or jewelry should be allowed on the bouncy castle.
  • Bouncy castles that cannot be tied down should not be used on windy days.
  • Following instructions will help to extend the life of the bouncy castle while keeping users safe.

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