International bestselling self-help author shares her struggle with Complex PTSD, Anxiety and Depression

JB Snow is an international bestselling self-help author with over 200 audiobooks and ebooks an Amazon.  She has amassed a fanbase of over 100,000 CPTSD, BPD, narcissistic abuse, gaslighting, and domestic violence sufferers who have put her author brand in the top 100 self-help authors globally.

"Despite what doctors tell you, Complex PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder are not incurable and impossible disorders," she says.  "Therapists often shy away from these patients like the plague due to the emotional complexities of their disorders."

She has been able to overcome her own Complex PTSD symptoms and triggers. She shares her personal struggles in her ebooks and audiobooks so that others will improve their own lives.

When asked how she was able to become a successful author despite the odds, she replied, "Everything in life is mind over matter.  If you believe you can't do it, then you won't be able to.  If you believe you can, then you can overcome anything."

Snow's books have helped hundreds of thousands of people realize they are not alone in their suffering.  Readers, including actress Josie Harris, correspond with Snow.  Many of them say the books saved their lives. 

"I was born feeling as though my purpose in life was to help others," she states.  "I have experienced the loss of many people in my life, including a 2-year-old son.  I lost several friends and family members through suicides and accidental deaths.  At one time, the nightmares and triggers could have taken my own life.  I persevered through them so I could help others overcome their own pain to see that life is really beautiful and worth living if you do it on your own terms."

Snow has since met and recruited other writers, including authors J.J. Hill and J.J. Stone, in her efforts to change the world one person at a time.

Many of those who turn to self-help books struggle to afford the lifetime of therapy and medication that is professionally recommended for these disorders.  They struggle to have an adequate support system, or they cannot find the right therapist that is a good fit for them.  Unfortunately, people who feel isolated and alone in their suffering often commit suicide because they don't know how to feel better about what they are going through.


While Snow admits her books are not a substitute for professional medical, legal or counseling advice, she still recognizes a need for people who may be at home feeling as though no one cares what they are going through.

"I once thought my CPTSD limited my abilities to help, but now I touch people all over the world through my books and in my travels.  Even if I can touch just one person or change their course in life, my efforts are worth it."

In response to over 100,000 readers emailing directly seeking support, JB Snow Publishing is working on developing an android chat app where readers and listeners can chat with her directly via her Ask JB advice column.

Audiobook listeners beware: the full JB Snow library is only available for sale directly through, not Audible.

The official website of J.B. Snow is at


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