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When you have two incomes and you are used to living a certain way you go through the everyday motions of spending and playing and then whoa, you actually look at a credit card statement, or in my case a few and realize that your spending habits are scary on paper. Not only was I looking at credit card statements, but our bank statements as well. I won't go into any more detail because I don't want you to get as scared and anxious as I was.

{Why do we spend unnecessarily}

I started to break down our bank account statement and went through and highlighted all transactions that I thought were not needed to try and see where we over spend.
Here are some places that we spend too much at:

1. Gas stations (for the quick 6 pack of beer, snack gatorade, etc.)
2. Full Belly Deli (Next to where I work)
3. Grocery stores (more than twice a week)
4. credit card payments, I mean they are getting kinda silly.

So, you now have an idea where we spend our money, not all of it, but the things I think I can really keep cautious about and try and cut. I'm putting our finances in order and going to be going through debt intervention with our accounts.

Step 1: Cut up credit cards, if you don't have access to them you can't use them right.
When they are paid down then we can order new ones, maybe considering letting some of them go.
(I know, letting credit cards go, even a couple, I know I'm crazy)

Step 2: Make grocery lists and stick to the list and meal planning. It will help going to the grocery store once a week and not 2 or 3 times. Avoiding things not needed in the store, the extra's. Try cutting them out for awhile and see how it goes.

Step 3: Made a strict plan of credit card payments for the next 6 months. By, trying to to save at the grocery store and other spending, I will apply that extra money towards extra on credit card's and open a saving's account. I don't have a saving's account, and I want to start one.

Why is debt so easy to get into and not as easy to get out of. I love my credit cards and my freedom to spend on them, but there comes a point where the fun stops and you realize how out of control you have become.

How do you Save?

How have you overcome your credit card debts or debts in general?

I would love to know how you all budget and what worked and didn't work.

Happy Tuesday!

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