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Is A Nanny Better Than Daycare?

If you seek answers to this question from only parenting forums or even family, the answers and feedback you receive will leave you more confused than you were before you asked the question. But the truth is that choosing between a nanny and a daycare doesn’t have to be that confusing. All you need is an understanding…

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Hi! My name is Amina and I sometimes find it hard to believe that I  live in New Orleans, otherwise known as “NOLA”–home to never-ending Mardi Gras parades, extra powdery beignets, Po Boy shrimp sandwiches, and streets so riddled with potholes you would think you were in a third world country.

As a mother of three, I wear many hats: full-time driver, cook, maid, nurse, therapist, diplomat, Commander-in-Chief, or, quite simply, MOM. My youngest was born two and a half years ago here in NOLA. She represents everything this city is–wild, fun, and impossible to tame.

I was born and raised in Iowa and received my undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Iowa–yes I am a farm girl from the Midwest! Following a brief stint as a writer for various newspapers, I moved to Chicago to take on a corporate position.

That’s where I met my husband, a recent medical school grad whose career as a resident-in-training required us to live the life of traveling nomads, moving from city to city. My most memorable experience was the year we spent in New York City on “Gun Hill” Road in the Bronx.

I also pursued a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, which I completed just after my second child was born (meeting the demands of motherhood and a master’s thesis was no easy feat!).



It was only after I settled into married life and became a mom that I came to appreciate and value my training in psychology. In my journey through life as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend, I’ve developed formidable life experiences and perhaps a tad bit of wisdom along the way. That’s why I decided to create MomScript , a virtual space to document my thoughts, which I hope will benefit others.

Whether it be ways of improving parent-child relationships, dealing with everyday challenges, planning events and vacations, or staying apprised  of the latest trends in fashion, I am excited to test my theories and share my results.

Thanks so much for visiting, and please feel free to send a message or leave a comment.

I would like to give a shout out to my little bro who has helped and supported me in this endeavor.





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