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Six Things You Need to Know Before Trying CrossFit

Have you made the decision to be more physically active and give a new sport a try? Are you looking to inject a little fun, interest, and challenge into your routine? If so, then there’s a good chance that CrossFit…

A Regular Babysitter Is What Every Mom Needs

Moms need a babysitter. It's a fact that has been proven time and time again. Moms can only handle so many tasks at hand.  

As it is, taking care of the kids is a handful already; add to that the household chores and errands moms need to do as well. If moms don't get any…

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Iron Deficiency and What You Should Know

Iron deficiency was a HUGE problem for me before and during my pregnancy. So much so that I actually ended up needing iron infusions before delivery. It took several hours and a dose of steroids to stave off any potential reactions, but it was a complete game changer for me!

Although my fatigue still hung around, it was significantly lightened. My palpitations lessened, my bruises started clearing up within a few days, and I felt my appetite returning. And the ice craving and restless legs (that kept us both up all night!) were completely gone by the end of the day.

Turns out the oral iron pills I had been prescribed were not only completely ineffective, but they were also harmful since I have Crohn's disease. Iron deficiency is still a problem I struggle with, though finding a knowledgeable hematolgoist has been a huge help.

I know iron deficiency is a common, under recognized problem that can have lasting effects for mothers and children alike. Since I have learned a lot over the years from my spectacular hematologist, I figured I'd take the time to write a post sharing some of my tips and advice. Check out the full post on my blog!


Has anyone else experienced an iron deficiency? Did you have any symptoms? How was yours treated?

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