What do you think? Is 90% Good enough, it just might be! I read an article about course design. It was very interesting and informative. One day I will share some of the amazing insights I learned about course design, but today I want to share with you a quote that gave me an Ah Ha! Moment. While the quote was applicable to the topic, it also, in my opinion, has some great life applications.

Seeking perfection may slow you down.

yourbest 616w, 150w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 308px) 100vw, 308px" />I know I have written about this before, but it poses such a stumbling block for so many, including myself, I felt compelled to share this quote, in hopes that it will propel some of you forward. The quotes say, “…You’re never more than 90 percent complete on any project you’re working on. …. Holding things up for that next 10 percent improvement might take longer than the total time allocated for the project.” (1) This quote is intended to encourage instructional designers not to get stuck on perfection.

I get it at first glance this statement isn’t that great. But what if you stop and pause and reflection your life. If you are an entrepreneur, I can guarantee you have at least one, if not more, projects you have started, and then it stalled because you wanted to add one more piece that wasn’t quite ready. I bet if you were honest with yourself, you stalled on a project that was good enough to release at 90%.

Do your best, and share your best.

What I a not saying is that we should provide our customers and clients with half-finished projects. However, what I am saying is if at 90% your project is excellent, release it so you can move forward!  If at 90% your project will deliver what you promised to your client, let it go!

I get the fear of failing (I suffer from that). I understand the desire to have all your ducks in a row (…that is me too!). I also know that you may be stalling because you are uncertain about how everything will work out. You want to know that it will end well. The thing is there are no guarantees or promises. The only guarantee there is that you will not make progress if you stand still! Make 2018your year to move! Get off the sidelines, and get in the game, it is time to take action!

Want to know how to overcome your fear and get unstuck? Check out this video

(1) ISD From the Ground Up: A No-Nonsense Approach to Instructional Design, by Chuck Hodell, pp. 67 – 71.

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