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Botox cosmetic is administered only in-office by a trained professional. When injected in the muscle, it is used for improving the frown lines or the crow’s feet temporarily.

You must consult only a medical expert to inject Botox. Even though it has become so popular due to celebrities, Botox is still an affordable treatment. Unlike other kinds of cosmetic medical treatments, Botox is suitable for anybody in good health who wants to get rid of wrinkles or other types of facial lines. There are people who have developed aging signs due to repetitive expressions and loss of firmness and elasticity.

Temporary side effects of Botox

Botox is a safe treatment for the removal of wrinkles. It is manufactured from the drug called Botulinum toxin A and it has been approved by the FDA. It has found use not only as a cosmetic treatment, but it has several medical benefits too. Like other treatments, there might be side effects of your Botox treatment as well. Patients have reported bruising or droopy eyelids; however, these can be corrected and eventually fade away. So that you can reduce such side effects of your procedure, you must ensure that you get it from a qualified doctor and that your procedure is performed at a medically safe environment.

Botox will not affect your facial functions

The best doctor will only target the specific muscle which causes your facial lines and wrinkles. This means that your regular facial expressions like frowning, showing surprise and smiling will not be affected. Your doctor will discuss how the treatment will be carried out and how you can reduce some of the temporary side effects of Botox so that nobody will even know that you are undergoing a treatment.

When you frown, concentrate or squint, your facial muscles contract. With a few years of this contractions, combined with environmental factors and lifestyle choices, lines and wrinkles begin to form and eventually become permanent. Botox works by interrupting the aging process.

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