Is Health Insurance Worth It? 8 Reasons Why the Answer Is "YES" For Your Family...

"Is health insurance worth it?"

As a mom, you might be asking yourself that very question right now if your family doesn't have a health insurance plan. And the answer to it is very simple: "Yes!"

If you don't have health insurance, it's likely going to cost you a fortune to take your kids to all of their doctor visits. It's also going to cost you and your significant other a lot of money any time you need medical care.

Rather than trying to get by without having health insurance, you should do everything in your power to sign up for a plan as quickly as you can. Check out 8 reasons why health insurance is so important below.

1. Allows You to Avoid Taking On Medical Debt

Medical care is a lot more expensive than you might think it is. A single trip to the hospital could cost you tens of thousands of dollars if you don't have a health insurance plan.

It's why more than 40 million Americans are walking around with at least some medical debt right now. It's also why the average American owes almost $2,000 in unpaid medical bills at the moment.

You can avoid taking on medical debt by obtaining a health insurance plan for yourself and the other members of your family. You won't have to worry about going into debt when you have a decent insurance plan to fall back on anytime you need medical care.

2. Gives You Better Access to Medical Care

You can take a trip to the hospital and get medical care if you don't have health insurance. But many medical care facilities, like doctor's offices, won't take patients who don't have some form of health insurance.

When you sign your family up for a health insurance plan, you'll be able to provide everyone with better access to medical care. From primary care doctors to specialists, you and your kids will be able to see more doctors on a regular basis.

3. Increases Your Chances of Addressing Health Issues

Do you have a health condition that seems to be getting worse by the day?

If you have health insurance, you probably won't think twice about calling your doctor so that you can have your condition checked out. But if you don't have health insurance, there's a good chance that you'll put off visiting the doctor for as long as possible to avoid the costs associated with it.

This can lead to your condition getting dramatically worse over time. In some cases, it could even turn a relatively minor health problem into something much more serious.

By enrolling your family in a health insurance plan, you'll increase your chances of getting the medical care you need when you need it.

4. Covers a Series of Preventative Medical Services

When most people think about going to the doctor, they think about doing it when they're sick. But that shouldn't be the only time that you go to see your doctor.

You and your whole family should also be visiting the doctor to take advantage of the preventative medical services available to you. There are lots of tests and screenings that can and should be done on adults and kids to check for signs of certain health conditions.

There are also many vaccinations that people need to get to prevent them from having to deal with specific diseases. You could leave your family susceptible to these diseases if you aren't able to access preventative medical services.

5. Provides Your Kids With the Proper Vaccinations For School

Speaking of vaccinations, there are shots that your kids will probably need to get to attend school every year. They'll need to be vaccinated against:

  • DTaP
  • Measles
  • Rubella
  • Polio
  • And more

There are usually ways that you can get your kids the vaccines they need without health insurance. But having health insurance will make life a lot easier on you and allow you to keep track of your kids' vaccinations better.

6. Teaches Your Kids About the Importance of Good Health

If you don't take your kids to the doctor regularly or if you yourself don't go to see a doctor every so often, you're effectively teaching your kids that health care isn't important. They're going to grow up thinking that they don't need to take trips to the doctor for preventative medical services and more.

This is obviously not the lesson that you want to be teaching them. You want them to know that they should make their health a top priority. By getting a health insurance plan, you'll be able to show them just how essential health care really is.

7. Prevents You From Being Forced to Pay a Penalty

Families that choose not to sign up for health insurance in 2018 could be susceptible to stiff penalties at the end of the year. Due to the laws that are currently in place, some families could be forced to pay more than $2,000 if they can afford to sign up for health insurance and choose not to.

There are some individuals and families that are exempt from paying this penalty. But if your family doesn't qualify, not having health insurance could cost you quite a bit of money.

8. Helps You Sleep Better at Night

It can be stressful knowing that your family doesn't have health insurance. One broken bone or unexpected illness could cripple your finances and put you into the red for years to come.

When you have health insurance, you won't have to worry about that happening. Whether you're a young mom looking to insure your whole family or an older mom searching for a Medicare supplement plan, you'll sleep better at night knowing you have the right health insurance in place.

So, Is Health Insurance Worth It? It's Really a No-Brainer

At this point, you shouldn't be asking yourself the question, "Is health insurance worth it?", anymore. Instead, you should be looking up health insurance plans after seeing how valuable one can be.

You and your family will be healthier and happier when you have health insurance. You won't have to walk around on eggshells anymore hoping health problems don't creep up on you.

The only question left to ask is "Which health insurance plan would be best for my family?" Check out our blog to see some of your options.

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